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Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by Shandy123, May 13, 2012.

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  1. ok, so I know burger king do a decent discount on production of a MOD90 (20 or 25%?), but are there by other chains out there offering similar deals?
    Frankie and Benny's? Seems to ring a bell.
    Mcdonald's don't - i asked.

    Oh, and before the usual suspects have a go - check the forum, and yes I'd be just as interested in a salad bar as an Ok diner or kfc.
  2. Dominos 50%
    Nandos 20%
  3. I think the Dominos discount is only if you collect.

    Have a look in the Armed Forces Discounts booklet (or on-line, it's probably all on Google these days).

    And some McDonalds do, the one in Stafford gives 20% off.
  4. 50% is awesome! Won't help my pft though!
    Mcdonald's are a funny lot, aren't they? Some have different items to others- eg smoothies for happy meals in some, not stocked in others, also variation in price, i know one outside sheffield that's 10p different for a coffee to one at Cortonwood, 5 miles away.
  5. Little Chef has given out free coffee before when I had to stop in uniform.
  6. i think some are franchises so they can make minor changes
  7. Probably been mentioned before but can't find anything about it, if you look at bluelightcard website it gives a list of those that offer a discount. No need for one of their cards as most places accept forces ID, but it's not just for emergency services, it's armed forces too. Break down by county gives local offers too
  8. Costco will give all members of the Armed Forces a Trade Card for use by the holder and family.However if you want beans,T bags,coffee etc you have to buy a full outer or catering pack,but it is still very cheap,you can buy 20 chicken drumsticks for £4.75 and 20 chicken thighs for £5.60....
  9. Since when has LIDL been a food chain?
  10. Subway has always given me 20% off an all ive been asked for was my service number.
  11. Trespass outdoor clothing shop is doing a 10% discount with the MoD90.
  12. Yo Sushi do 25%
  13. you eat outdoor clothing?......You ****ing weirdo!
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  14. Don't touch Starbucks. They don't support the Troops at all.
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