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My wife and I are planning a holiday next year for a 7 night stay and we will be taking our son who will be nearly three years old. We have been discussing how much we should budget for the spending money and I'm guessing the food for all of us will be the main chunk of it.
I have been told many times that food is really expensive over there, at least it is to us once the currency has been exchanged, so can anybody with recent experience of the country give me an idea of how much it really is? We are going to be staying in Sydney which probably bumps it up even more and I expect most of our eating will be away from the hotel.

Any help/advice is much appreciated, thanks.


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If you can afford to fly three people to the other side of the world you should be able to afford groceries for a week when you get there.
Thanks, that was very helpful.
I guess it depends largely on where you will be staying in Sydney and what you want to eat. If you are going to be dining around Darling Harbour you will need a lot more cash than if you are going to be doing a McD's around Kings Cross. Your biggest problem is going to be keeping an under 5 entertained for the flight!


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Last visit to Sydney for me was 2010; I didn't think it was any more expensive to eat out there than it is in the UK, right on the quays next to the opera house, too. The only difference I noticed was fuel prices! I would recommend a chocolate restaurant I found, but I'm stuffed if I can remember the name of it.
Triple the cost of what you normally buy, OZ is very seasonal for certain fruit. In a nutshell, they import a lot of food hence high cost.
Thanks guys, maybe a 10 night stay will be more appropriate then. You've all made some valid points , especially about the little one on the flight. It might well be that we have to think a bit more if its practical or not and maybe look at somewhere else.


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I'd pick flight times based on arrival time at destination, not when you depart. You can avoid jet lag that way. I've never had it!


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Like I said, it's easy to avoid if you plan carefully. I've done four long haul trips and never experienced jet lag.
No one flies to uk/oz for 7 days.

Probably an expat somewhere closer. My money is on HK (i was going to say singapore, but i don't think singaporeans need to ask).

Had a lad on board went to Oz for an extended long week end, left Thursday night was back late Monday.

He was RN tx to RAN bought himself out rejoined RN but had "Right of residence " if he went back every 2 years, hence the 56 hours flying for 20 hours on Oz soil.


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The answer is to eat the three year old thus saving money on groceries and the return flight.

If you can't afford to live there for a week, why are you going there in the first place?

Time was that when the likes of the OP went to Australia, they had to stay there.
Not sure what your accommodation arrangements are, but we booked a nice apartment for 4 adults with Kitchen and all mod cons direct with the apartment company on the side of Hyde Park. They stocked the fridge every day as part of the managed service with breakfast stuff - bread, cereals, milk etc. Easy access to everything, free buses, walking distance to all of the main sights/sites. Coles (7/11 supermarket) just around the corner meant you could be self sufficient for evening meals and prep stuff for the day out. The apartment cost (£160 night for 4 people) was about the same per night as a decent hotel but with the amenity. You've got to check your dates for availability of course, but their email comms was excellent. We were there for 2 weeks as part of a longer trip, some airlines do mid-way overnight stop offs both ways - helps to properly break up the 2x11 hour flights.
Guys, a few of you have said things about being able to afford the food if I can afford to get there. The question of being able to afford it is not in question, I just wanted to know how much I'm talking about. If food is up to three times as much as here as one member suggested then I would like to be aware if I'm going to be spending up to £500 or whatever on food. It's just common sense to look at the whole picture before spending ££££'s on a trip. We are also considering a move there in the future so the trip isn't just a holiday, it's also to see if we like the country but that's a whole different story.
Just eat at a Chew and Spew.

Cheap as chips.
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