Food Banks.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. How come thousands of people can't afford to eat when we are being told that the welfare state is out of control.
    Is it poorly targeted or inefficient delivery of benefits, too much expenditure on scratch cards and fags or a bit of both. Either way it sounds a bit third world doesn't it.
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  2. Those that can't afford to eat are probably working.
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  3. This is true, I am currently living on £53 per week as a challenge, I must say I am eating very healthily, problem is most people have forgotten how to think as every problem they encounter seems to be the govts fault!
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  4. Plenty of fullfed smackheads in Sheffield, living very well at the expense of the taxpayer, some have even landed mobility cars as their circulation is fucked from all the skag! No need to beg and steal they are on about 3/400 a week; full rate everything. I would laugh at the absurdity of it all if it weren't so bloody depressing.

    NB. they take great pride in fleecing the system!
  5. The cunts should be locked up with more drugs than they can handle and then burn the bodies.....!
  6. .
    Bring back luncheon vouchers. Weren't they gotten rid of because of the embarrassment factor to people having to use them? Fuck that, cunts should be made to queue in a separate line with a massive flashing neon "Benefit Scroungers Queue Here" sign above them. And they only have one till manned by a Government NAZI who checks every voucher and their passport. While the rest of us swan past getting our bags packed for us at a plethora of tills.

    Bring back apartheid, but for benefit scroungers. Make them stand on buses etc. They don't pay into the system, they don't deserve the same quality of life we do. Make being on benefits so shitty that no one will want to be on them. For too long life has become easier and easier and like others have said the Government owes you fuck all it's up to you to do something about it. You don't like it? Book a one way ticket to Switzerland.
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  7. SHame no one seems to be willing to reign in rich tax avoider (who cost the country far more) with such gusto. Nope it's the feckless idiots who cop the brunt, still give them more reason to smash into your house to feed his/her drug/booze habit I guess!
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  8. Alright Dukey - you standing as a Tory councillor next election day then?
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  9. I bet most can still afford to smoke.

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  10. fixed that for you as your first post was deemed cost ineffective to the tax payer
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  11. How would a person join a food bank?
    Get amongst the poor they'll be gagging for a bit of protein.
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  12. The big difference is of course that tax avoidance is completely legal, it doesn't cost the country a penny because guess what - there is no liability to pay.

    How much extra tax have you paid over and above your minimum liability this year?
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  13. In Florida they have passed a bill that you must be drug free to get welfare. Everyone who claims benefit is drug tested. If found to be positive you get nothing from the State. Sounds like a plan....
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  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Right you, put your facts on the table. Actually don't bother just get the beers in. You're wrong and I can show with a crayon, brightly coloured and a piece of paper why you're wrong.

    Oh and we are absolfuckinglutley coming over to see you guys this summer.
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