Food and Running

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by crashdummy, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. Sorted out a bleep test for myself today. It's the first in about a month. The last test I did, I got 12.1.

    The one before that, I did with the REME on a fam visit, and got 10.4.

    Yet, after training hard for ages, I did one at 7 thirty this evening, and got 10.0.

    10.0!!! I don't fuggin' believe it! Something must be wrong, I've honest to God been busting my balls training. I did better at my briefing, and that was 3 months ago!

    So I turn to the question of why? And the only thing I can think of is that I didn't have enough food in me. A bowl of cornflakes and beans on 2 slices of toast for the whole day?

    Should I be able to do better on such an intake? I just felt like a car that had run out of petrol.

    So how should a bleep test be conducted? Should I take a day or two off training beforehand to give myself the best result? Any suggestions on diet to give me the best chance?

    Can I give myself the benefit of a once off embuggerance, or should I look deeper for a problem? Or am I taking this all too seriously and should just crack on.

    Enlighten me oh great ones!

    Cheers guys,

    A pissed off man :pissedoff: :pissedoff:
  2. Bananas before training mate - energy food of the gods
    Pasta the night before. Dont think about it too much, and eat normaly. 1 bowl of cereal and beans on toast is not enough food to last the day. Remember, you need at least 1500 cals a day just for normal living
  3. Noted sniffer:eek:

    How many is the question?

    Could the lack of energy really affect the run that badly?
  4. Definatly, no fuel in the car, the car dont run.

    I usually have a couple of Nana's about half hour before going for a run (4-5 miles)
  5. Cheers mate :thumright: Thanks for the info!

    If anyone else feels they have anything to add, please do!
  6. Are you sure you measured it out right :p or have you just been slacking ;) :D lol , Yeah bananas are great for energy, if your doing a really long run take something with you to eat half way through
  7. Personally I would not eat for at least 3 hours before a PFT or bleep test - it will only slow you down.

    You are not running a Marathon or doing a CFT! You are doing a 10min hard workout and trust me if you only had a couple of small meals that day then that would be fine - your body will have enough stored energy for much more physical effort than that.

    Too many people limit performance by eating too close to a hard workout.

    The reason you did not attain the level of performance you expected could be down to a number of things - Training hard too close to the event, not being in the right frame of mind etc etc.

    Get over it and start training for the next one - Google VO2 max training, and do your research.

    Good luck.
  8. pasta, potatos and the like anythng full of carbohydrates!

    green bananas give you complex carbs good for longer activities

    ripe bananas give smple carbs and quicker energy
  9. You'll find that its 2500 calories per day for males and 2000 for females.
  10. Discovered by accident, for a serious boost - Marzipan.

    Available in sausage tubes, just put some thin slices in a fridge bag, and tuck in while you're going round. Outrageous rush.
  11. Crashdummy, I think you might be looking at this too scientifically like you suggested. Sometimes we just perform below expectations.

    Your bleep test at most will only last 12-15 minutes hard effort. The average male can store 90 minutes of fuel before requiring food assistance.

    I am surprised that you did so poorly in the evening, the body usually performs better later in the day that early in the morning.

    From what you have told us there seems to be no cause for concern, just plug away and it will come good. Also, too much varied advice could comlicate things.

    Attempt another full on bleep test soonest rather than dwell on your recent disapointment.
  12. Cheers O2 thief.

    Dissapointment is right, I was so pissed off that I'd done so badly.

    I've just put it down as one of those things. I know I can do better.

    I've booked a fam visit with the PWRR now, with a special request for any regiment that carries out PT tests while you're there.

    Sleep, eat well and I'll show 'em what I can do:) (Plus lots of bananas :numberone: )
  13. Do not train the day before.(Or drink alcohol)
    Eat well but not immediately before the test. For a morning test eat well the night before, pasta is good. For an evening test have a big breakfast and a medium lunch, concentrating on carbs.
    In the hour or two before training, hydration becomes more important than food. Make sure you drink a lot but not all at once.
    Just before the test have a good sh*t!
  14. Thats the best bit of advice. Ive nearly shat myself on a run before :)
  15. I forgot to address that, not training the day before is wise but easy jogging is OK. Depends what effort you put into normal training.

    That hydration point is so important. When you are hungry your body can turn to it's fat storage for fuel. When thirsty, if unreplenished, you can only deteriorate.