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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by LongJohnSilver, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Guy's

    I have looked over the regulations time after time, I think we have it, however, can I ask you lot for a sanity check, I know the rules on the RAF and RN accommodation charges when they serve separated VOLSEP or INVOLSEP, i.e they do not pay, as far as I am aware the army, when serving separated VOLSEP, have to be on the over 37 package to avoid accom charges, if not they pay, if INVOLSEP regardless of age they do not pay, is this correct? how do accom charges apply to temp duty, do the same rules apply, thinking of personnel who pay MSQ charges, not livers in, so much has changed, I just want to make sure I have this area covered?

    Food - For all services - I am ok on livers in, if PAYD on temp duty from a non PAYD unit food charges cease, if not they carry on, no wories, If livers out go on Temp Duty, clearly I am talking about personnel staying in Military Establishments, if PAYD they pay the PAYD charge, no claim, if they go to a non PAYD unit, food charges should be started and stopped for the duration.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Accm is charged from the first day at temp duty now, regardless of situation, pads and singlies alike. This has also become a tri service ruling now, something that the RAF chaps at my station are particularly pleased about :)

    Army do still have the Over 37 package, though on JPA it's under arrivals called LOS 12 or some poop.
  3. Could I have the reference to that rule change please.


  4. JSP 754

    Temporary Assignments

    09.0108. For Service personnel serving on temporary assignment accommodation charges will be raised as follows:

    a. When public accommodation is used at the temporary assignment unit:

    (1) Service personnel who occupy SLA at the place of temporary assignment will, unless otherwise exempt under the terms of these regulations, pay the charge appropriate to the SLA occupied. If they retain the SLA at their permanent unit/station these charges will cease from the date the SLA at the temporary unit/station is occupied and restart once it is vacated.

    (2) Service single personnel who have been authorised to live out at their permanent assignment station will not pay accommodation charges when they attend a course or an assignment of 12 months or less, provided they have a continuing commitment to pay a mortgage/rent and their property has not been sub-let – see 09.0107o.

    b. When public accommodation is not used at the temporary assignment unit, Service personnel will continue to pay for any retained accommodation at the permanent station.

    c. When Service personnel serving in the permanent garrison in Northern Ireland are absent from the Province on a temporary assignment they become liable to pay accommodation charges under normal rules.

    Obviously this doesn't apply if Field conditions are granted etc etc.
  5. Otherwise exempt under these Regulations, this will cover the RN and RAF not paying accom when INVOLSEP/VOLSEP on duty or assignment as the JSP does exclude them, has the exclusion been removed from JSP 754 re the RN and RAF not paying accom?

    They (us) are only charged on Temp ASSIGNMENT (assignment being the word), Accom at parant unit would cease as your extract details, I am asking about temp duty, courses etc not assignments. I should have made it clearer.

    Thanks for posting this though.

  6. There are catches and pitfalls. I occupy SLA but don't pay as I am on Over 37 package. Went on a one week ourse and got tracked and moved. Ended up getting charged accom for the whole month. the unit guru sorted it out, but if you are away from your home station then keep an eye on your payslip
  7. I have a sneaky suspicion it is Ops Bulletin 0611-021.
  8. Can I get this clear LJS, I have an interest. I recently attended a residential course where I was accom in a Mess that was on PAYD. I am married and live in my own house. Can I claim back monies paid for food as 'missed meals' for example? Had I stayed in a hotel I could have claimed NS/DS.

    Thanks in advance :D
  9. Man of few words!!!! Why not? I was forced to live in a Mess (literally - ever been to Deepcut!) as the course was residential and I was obviously on duty. Pse explain :)
  10. Not a pay bod but the answer is the same as it always is. Pads have the option of eating food bought at supermarkets or buying meals inthe mess/cookhouse/pizza hut. Livers in, permanent or temporary now have the same options.

    PAYD is here-we have to live with it.
  11. You can only claim IE for the duration of the course, you have to pay the standard food charge as it's non PAYD as all us Pads do now when we attend courses, NS and DS are used when not staying in Military Accom (hotel's etc), Missed Meals are for people who pay food charges but are unable to eat due to duty (over 5 hours), Meals out is when the SP has to source their own food from public sources, i.e Macdonalds, where there is no subsadised government canteen availiable, no accom charge applies as it's temp duty and you pay for your own house.
  12. Sorry - not normally so short but was in a rush...!

    The explanation has already been done, so I won't repeat it. I have to say that I am massively unimpressed about being made to pay for food when I am sent on a course.
  13. Although the IE is a saving grace of soughts.