Food Allergy (Eggs, Fish)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FraB, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I have just been refused entry to the TA's on my medical for my allergy to eggs and fish. This is not life threatening and I want to appeal this, what are my chances of overturning the decision? I don't go into shock or anything like that i just avoid eating these foods I don't like fish and a lot of sweet things ie cakes etc have eggs in them which i just avoid eating.

    What happens to vegetarians and vegans are they refused entry because they do not eat certain foods, im curious.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Which rag are you working for???
  3. We generally feed the Vegans to the Police dogs. Pallid veggies we just burn.
  4. Ahh we just stuff them inside each other and Roast. Never get my
    5-A-Day so easily
  5. Is this a genuine allergy or just a case of not liking fish or eggs, makes a huge difference.
    If it is a genuine allergy then obviously there is a health risk, if its just a case of not liking certain foods then work around it.
    You have to adapt to the system, don`t expect it to adapt to you.
  6. Eggs and fish, are you expecting fresh? Or is it fish eggs? While at RTC, all bizarre diets seemed to be catered for. With ORP being ordered especially for certain religions etc.

    I don't eat veg, I don't make a scene about it I just get something else its not a religious thing, but if something comes from under the ground it has been sent by the devil!!
  7. Worms and powdered egg, better than my mums cooking. She could poison anything and has.
  8. What an antique form.
  9. So many witty replys! I do honestly have an allergy to eggs and fish its no lie, its not life threatening like a peanut allergy I just avoid eating these foods. I thought you guys might be helpful but obviously I was wrong.
  10. Caviar is the staple lunch in Menu B, so this could be a problem.
  11. A friend of mine whilst at OTC had an allergy to alcohol, never stopped him drinking though!

    I hate eggs, they make me vomit, its completely pyschosematic (is that the right spelling?). I just avoid eating them. Simples.
  12. <<crapwah to off>>

    So what happens if you eat eggs and fish then if you're not actually allergic to them?

    <<crapwah to on>> :roll:
  13. If there is no "allergic reaction" then you're not allergic. Anything like a rash, loss of breath, spots, vomiting when you eat them?

    If not then you're not allergic. Also is it on your civvie med docs that you have an allergy as they are cross-referenced when you sign up.
  14. If i had to eat lots of egg or fish i would vomit. I obviously avoid eating them at all costs, however eggs are undetected in quite a lot of foods especially frozen meals a little makes me feel sick and i know instantly i have eaten it so i don't continue eating the rest or i would be ill, so i don't see it as an issue i just deal with it.
  15. In that case you're not suitable for Military service. You have to be able to pretty much eat anything put in front of you as food....cos if you're stuck somewhere for 6 months on Menu B, then that's all you're getting. End of Story.