Food Allergies and Hippy Flakey Wierdo Food.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Furryturd, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Oatly………WTF is Oatly?

    Shopping in Waitrose at the weekend I saw a product called Oatly.

    It had a tagline, “The dairy free alternative to milk and soya.”

    Jesus and all his little angels!

    Why do you need a dairy free alternative to milk and soya? If you are allergic to dairy produce then use soya milk or some such hippy crap. If you are allergic to soya and dairy then perhaps life is not for you and you should jump down the stairs with a short rope round your neck and do us all a favour.

    The website invites you to discover the advantages of oats. If you like oats then have some porridge, if you are allergic to dairy products then make the Jock filth with hippy soya stuff.

    What is the next barking mad product to his the market? Any suggestions?
  2. It makes really nice porridge....
  3. So do I but never in Waitrose.
  4. Allergies my Arrse.

    Just another way for multinational companies to make money out of gobshites and hypocondriacs. :blowkiss:
  5. I've just been for a drink of something also “The dairy free alternative to milk and soya.”

  6. ive got a german mate at work with a nut allergie-yep you guessed it --im always slipping him cakes ect cookies with a nut content just to watch him go red and blotch up... we won the war...ha...
  7. The worst of these are the Nut cutlet/Tofu/Tempeh/Crud concoctions that are supposed to taste just like a "real steak".

    Why fcuking bother? If you want something that looks/tastes like a steak then eat a piece of fried cow FFS.
  8. Milk in porridge? What are you on man? You make it with parafin and a pinch of salt. Works on your bowels faster than a fire cracker up the chocolate starfish. The only way.
  9. If they want to be veggies then why the fcuk do they mould the playdoh into the shape of sausages or burgers?
  10. ... fcuking excellent.

    I've got a medical student who's allergic to plaster of Paris! He has to carry round a civvie combi pen full of adrenaline in case of anaphylatic shock.

    I'm allergic to diary (OK... lactose intolerant), so I phart if I drink it. I just avoid it, unless I want to phart. Then I drink lots. (yay!)
  11. Just on a day to day basis then.
  12. oh p*ss off...
  13. I'll put it in my dairy.
  14. I'm allergic to nuts but certainly not allergic to male kind!! :wink:
  15. As Chris Rock put it.
    'You dont see no starving ethiopian whos lactose intolerant'