Fond memories

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by dumbstruck, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Does anybody remember when on a Wednesday afternoon you used to play football against another Detachment with after match refreshments.

    Does anybody remember when on a Friday afternoon at 1600hrs when the rest of the regiment had knocked off at 1200hrs but being clerks we used to work just that little bit longer and enjoyed a quite beer to discuss that weeks problems.

    We used to work hard but also we knew that there were things to look forward to. Is this now a thing of the past or is todays mindset work work work.

    Before anybody responds that it must have been a cushy job I was in at the time I would like to point out that it was an Armd Inf Regt that I am referring to but it also went for other teeth arm units that I have served in.
  2. Can't say I remember any of that. You must have been a clerk.
  3. Then a kindly old man knocked on the office door enquiring about the whereabouts of 'Fly Fishing', by J.R Hartley.....Good heavens man get a grip of yourself, its not all work, work, work, just mainly, get out on the ground, kill the bad guys, have a wa*k, get the tan on the go.....repeat. Someone nasty characters are going to come in here and kick your fond memories all over the show, you've opened your soul to the ARRSE hounds......stand by!! :) (I mean all this in a very nice way!!)
  4. Half day on a Wednesday/Friday?? Not since I was in the REME mate.
  5. The only person who knocked on our door was to enquire about his pay and this was after he had knocked off for 2 hours after CO's PT and having had a shower and a beer and we were still working. I take it that you are not a Clerk but somebody who enjoys whinging about us because your admin is up your back passage, and blames everone apart from yourself as is the norm. I may add that I have deployed on numerous operations and not just in the rear and I don't have a tan because I did not have time to sun myself due to people like you. Bring it on AARSE HOUNDS.
  6. I will give you the real reason, that Biscuits is a self opinionated cnut who loves slating and trolling clerks at the very first opportunity. I would just ignore the cnut with his irrelvances because he thinks that he is better than everyone else with his self inflatged ego. He's just a c0ck who has bag of potatoes on his shoulder with clerks, and probably he has not got the nouse upstairs to do the job.

    Shame about all these years hes claimed to have done - he would know, there are certain people you look after in the army, one of them being clerks.

    You will get used to some of the peenarses on arrse - he is a grade A knobber.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Get off the fence and say it how it is!!
  8. But when people come up to my counter they will get a striaght answer.
  9. I forgot to mention that when the ARRSE HOUNDS bring it on, it will be a battle of wits unfortunately for them they will be fighting unarmed.
  10. Errm......okay then?? 'Clerks'!? Im not sure if you realise, but (in most Infantry Battalions anyway), 'Clerks' sup tea in the Company offices and if there is any admin to be done, you just take yourself down to the JPA suite and do it yourselves. No reason to have any interaction with any AGC types whatsoever. Unless you are the OC and you need someone to make tea and answer the phone for you....;)
  11. You're just ashamed of the fact that you're doing a woman's job.
  12. Especially when they're up against you lad's in the typing pool.
  13. Which will be something along the lines of "Eeee, I don't rightly know, I'll have to ask Maureen".
  14. Your just a c0ck ... end of
  15. You sound stressed there Beryl. Hard day in the typing pool? Never mind pet, you can always nip out after work and get your hair done.