Fond memories of keogh

I'm hungover this morning, and more than a little maudlin, when that happens I tend to think of happy memories. I'm aware that for many, Keogh barracks might not be a source of happy memories but I remember, when I was there for the first time, spending more time laughing than anything else.

DL has a fund of stories about Keogh, back from when he was a brat and the world was still black and white because they had not invented colour yet (In fact he talks so much about it it might be the last time he was 'green' I don't think he has been on tour, ever, that chest-full of medals he it so proud of............ cut from the back of a cornflake packet). It was thinking about those that led me to my own time there on my CMT3 course.

We had all the usual suspects and sterotypes, the course biff who had the admin abilities of a flatworm, when the entire course was given a show parade one night, for a reason that escapes me, his No:2 dress was found, crumpled at the bottom of his wardrobe and had to be ironed for him, and he still looked like a bag of shite. There was he chap who allegedly joined the army because he wanted to kill someone, I remember we were concerned for his sanity, not because he wantd to kill someone, anyone, but because he had joined the RAMC and killing people was not really what we were supposed to do. We were there for the start of a JMQC course and laughed our socks off when they were all jailed on the first morning parade of their course. We were also blessed with a TFI from the Royal Anglians who had won the MC as an RMA in the first Gulf war, he was a full screw, and acted as an unoffical instructor, keeping us in line.

Which leads in to what I wanted to say, we were tasked as a course to wait on at the Sgts Mess summer ball. We were all dressed in our fineary, barrack dress I recall, I was running the bar. It was decided since we had to work we might as well make the best of it. We stole exactly half of the bar stock, as stuff came in from the mess bar to the 9' by 9' we were using as a bar on the grass at the back of the mess, it was taken out the back and put into the boot of someone's car. We stole so much drink that at one point we had to raid the car's stocks to keep the mess do running. According to the FSA and mess treasurer who I spoke to months later, more drink was actually missing from the bar stock than had been drunk at the ball (how that was quantified I have no idea). It all made the stolen booty the more precious when we drank it on the roof of the entrance to the scoff house in Sandhurst block, by C wing where we were accomodated, and all while watching the world cup final.

So come on, what other stories of the factory can the rest of you come up with?


TTT, did you actually go to Keogh?

I thought Techs did a fortnight at Pontins Bognor and then got issued a uniform for weekdays..........
TheCROW said:
And lets not forget the best tea in the world at Jimmys
Jimmys! Jimmys! you sprog, Jimmys was a bloody church when I was there!

Jimmys, Potters, the Burger van at the main gate, you lot dont know youre born, no wonder the armys so soddy these days blah blah moan moan whinge etc....


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Oh how we laughed when a certain swarthy skinned drill pig jailed a large eared Troop NCO on his JMQC for muttering in the ranks.

The shriek of ".......get him awaaaaaay!" still rings in my ears 21 years later.

Mind you it wasn't as good as all recruit division hanging out of their windows in the dark looking toward the fir tree behind the flag pole whilst some poor recruit was made to serenade us from the top of the tree with a version of "American Pie" as punishment for being too happy whilst doing his boots.

The delights of a once per month Saturday afternoon and evening in Guildford with a few pints of Friary Meux in the Blackfriars followed by a trip to the British Legion disco......83 was a good year.


The WRVS lady handing out doughnuts and chocolate, just before 2000hrs, when we were returned to the 'gentle' arms of the 'old boys'. (A year older than us, but they had issues)
massive snowball fights, apprentices v recruits, those recruits were real girls blouses!
reading about keogh has just brought back memeries of my first guard duty their. i was on patrol around sandhurst block and just going past the female end. it was about 6am and i happened to look up just as one of the nurses on the JMQC cse open her curtains in nothing more than what she was born in. Well after me and my mategot a right eye full we rushed the rest of the patrol to get back to the gaurd room to knock one out as it was the first bit of female flesh we had seen for 3months. we got in s**t for finishing the patrol early but it was worth it .
back in 93 after a less than glorious RMA3 course, I had extra duties during weekend leave........ and found myself digging up that bloody medicinal herb garden next to the Museum.

then I polished the fcking cannon in the guard house for 6 hours...before moving my entire basha out onto the drill square for show parade

Jimmy's was shit too.

Filbert Fox said:
massive snowball fights, apprentices v recruits, those recruits were real girls blouses!
I remember that from Christmas '84 when we were supposed to be clearing snow from the road, us (recruits) from Sadhurst (no not a spelling mistake) block end and you young upstarts from down the other end of camp throwing snow back onto the road because you couldn't hit us at point blank range. Seem to remember a running battle around the area of the mattress store. Thats how I remember it but the old memory is starting to fail now.

Also fond memories of a certain Welsh minger in our troop getting a regimental bath on recommendation of troop staff after they opened his top locker and nearly passed out from the stench.
Narcoleptic.zzz said:
I remember that from Christmas '84.
thats the one!!
Ahhh...Keogh. So many happy memories. Did anyone else have any ghostly experiences?
Fighting brush fires on the E series with a piece of canvass on a stick

Submarines, crucifixion, hot and cold and general playing with the new boys

WOII Mick Pargent - the most fearsome Chief Drill Instructor ever!

Log runs and stretcher races round the 3 hills

The most extensive pornography collection known to man as accumulated by Apprentices over the years
how cool was the kareoke when u could still drink in champs...i was CCC 52 and we ruled the 'karoke'


CMTs_rock said:
how cool was the kareoke when u could still drink in champs...i was CCC 52 and we ruled the 'karoke'
Luckily, we didnt have the privilage to go to the NAAFI until week 5, plus they hadnt invented Karaoke!!

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