Following on from the Dortmund thread

Just thought, anyone fancy redeploying to Dortmund?

This would be for a group recce only :wink:

No green kit required, just civvies and beer chits :twisted:
Sound the Dogs B######S Recce 19. Would like to visit the old haunts again and feel the crisp taste of many Warsteiners and Krazy K's. Would have to get a "Get out of Jail Free Chit" from the missus, :cry: but in the interests of keeping the Whole "Hands across the Water" with Fritz would be greatly appreciated. :lol:
Stan4961 is up for it as well, so maybe we need to some ground work :twisted:

dance_with_the_devil, I could possibly 'issue' some 'call up' papers if required 8)


I was all for it as well, but unfortunately a fastball summer holiday in Telic has just cropped up. :x

And with the rumours about 12 moving to Thorney, not sure if i can even get to Paderborn either now, i still know some lads there.

Perks of the job i suppose, now where did i put my body armour??
Unlucky Fugly :(

At the very least, have a quiet tour. Dortmund's not going anywhere, so can still be sorted for when you get back :)

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