Following in Mugabes footsteps...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. And people questionned why the ANC governmnet in South Africa was not doing more to prevent Mugabe's abuses. They were just playing a game of watch and learn. :x

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    Africa, instead of being the worlds bread basket it's the worlds basket case. They appear to have no wish to help themselves and unless they tackle corruption they have no hope. And to think SA used to be one of the jewels in the crown.
  3. As fas as I understand it the Consititution stops this happening at the moment. Each time the ANC try to change the constitution they are a few votes short of the percentage they need. They have been very busy manipulating the votes over recent years though so where they were very close in the past, they might have managed to swing it now.

    My folks have just come back from SA and say that there is actually a swing away from the ANC in the Cape since their corruption and poor management are pishing people off big time.
  4. How can they have watched mugabe and thought "you know what, we'll do that"
    Beggars belief
    We're not that dependant on Africa - pull out all interests, all aid, all help - let them fcuk themselves over. They do a better job of it than we do.
    SA were banned from international sport over apartheid, surely this is coming close to being the exact opposite? Will SA be banned because the blacks are persecuting the whites??...
  5. Don't be silly, that would signify recognition of a moral equivalence of treatment between those poor black Africans and the evil Boers(as seen in Lethal Weapon 2). How could that ever be right?

    It'll be amusing to see how the truth and reconciliation tribunals deal with this issue, don't you think?

    I just wonder how many right-on popsters will be penning new anthems to protest these inequalities in SA...

  6. What, with guys like Peter Hain (him of the rugby protest) now our rep in Brussels? With straw man who wanted sanctions in the 80's now leader of the Commons - you're having a laugh.

    Remeber ....repeat after me 'It's all the wtite man's fault, things will be better when they rule themselves.....and if they don't? It's all the white man's fault!' :frustrated:
  7. Stoat: Aah, Cutaway, you filthy necrophiliac, I see you're back from South Africa then. How was it?
    Cutaway (putting on his best blick iksent): It brokan.

    Those two words said it all, really...

    I read an interesting piece a few weeks ago about how, if you are power obsessed African leader, Mugabe's policies are totally rational: destroy the economy both financially and agriculturally, then you can buy your supporters off with food aid and your opponents will have to eventually eat out of your hand if they want to eat at all, and you pocket large quantities of the financial aid which will keep flowing from Western governments due to postcolonial guilt . Doing this enables you both to remain in power and be staggeringly wealthy and live in unbridled luxury, importing all the goods you need for this.

    Perfectly logical!
  8. Will the ANC ever relinquish power? If the vote goes the wrong way will they just become a one party state?
  9. Scaremongering of the highest order that only the extremely gullible will get worked up about. :frustrated:

    The land distribution that is taking place in RSA is a world away from that in Zim. The farmers are actually paid (yes, paid) market rates for their land. Most of the purchases are in the north, towards the Botswana/Zim borders, areas where, to be honest, you'd wait decades before somebody would come along and offer to buy your farm. Farming in RSA is no longer the high margin industry it used to be now that the workforce have safeguards to prevent them being exploited. Therefore, there is actually a waiting list of farmers wanting to sell their land to the government for redistribution.

    Sure, they'll go onto Tv saying that they've farmed the land for 60 years. Whatever. But they'll take their Khaki shorts and blacks socks to the coast and retirement as fast as their pickup will take them.

    A far cry from farm invasions and murder that are taking place under Mugabe.

    Also, RSA is far from becoming a single-party state. The ANC may dominate due to demographics, but it is fractured and divided. The Democratic Alliance, which is the main opposition, are beginning to garner support from all colours in the cultural spectrum, especially in the Western Cape. The next general elections will put the balance of the political boat on a more even keel.

    The only worry though is that Zuma taking over as head of the ANC from Mbeki, but by that stage democracy in RSA will be too mature to be totally subverted, even by an operator like Zuma.
  10. Some of them appear to be helping themselves very nicely LINK

    The UK still gives aid to Swaziland. It appears to go straight in to the King's bank account!
  11. Did you read a different report than me then?

    Those that want to sell and retire (in shorts and black socks or not), well good luck to them but what about those that DON'T want to?
  12. They're still being offered good money for their land. Obviously there will be a minority who take the piss and try to squeeze more out of the government - that's human nature and anybody with a keen buyer for their house always tries to squeeze a few grand more out of the purchaser.

    But, the Government has targets to meet. In cases where the landowner tries to mess them about they have the option to recourse to compulsary pruchase order.

    A bit like that old granny refusing to sell her cottage to make way for the new runway at Stanstead. But we don't say that Tony Blair is like Mugabe.

    Oh, er, hang on a minute.......
  13. Wow. There's optimistic. The cynicism in every newspaper report, and in every conversation I had last year in those parts told me that things were on the slide, not the other way round; I met a lot of people (well, ok, three in Messina) who have either gone now or will be gone shortly. One dentist, one doctor and one slightly crook entrepreneur, all to Oz.
  14. Fuck Africa its all gone to pot