Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Mar 17, 2007.

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  1. News is showing the rape of Lottery funds for the Olympic enterprise. I have found the following and wonder if anyone knows whether there was ever a response?
  2. link to your quote is here
    [quote="David Davies]
    Saturday, September 10, 2005
    upsetting the grievance brigade
    Oh dear. The legions of the politically correct failed to see the funny side of my application for a lottery grant to explore the traditions of the "settled" community. I have been branded a racist and several Assembly Members have now said that if I am not “disciplined” they will report me to the Commission for Racial Equality.

    I am not quite sure why criticising a fatuous lottery grant and calling for everyone (including a minority of travellers who are of largely white European stock anyway) to obey planning regulations and clean up their litter could be construed as racist.

    Mind you I half hope the threat is carried out as I would dearly like another opportunity to quiz the CRE about what they are doing to prevent racism and bigotry amongst all ethnic and religious groups within Britain. I am still waiting for them to sign my compact.Blog" [/quote]

    ... that's the latest I can find though