Follow up to my post - Could do with some advice.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BebopAndRocksteady, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Yes i have been looking at AAC Groundscrew and its states that when if reach Corporal I can undertake in training to be a pilot (if selected) this is what my brother has done ... transfered from REME to AAC to do his pilot's training, he's now a sargeant, I know that sounds abit presumtous but you got to aim high in anything!. So I have decided that my jobs are going to be as listed:-
    1. AAC Groundcrew.
    2. RE Military Engineer communications.
    3. RE armoured engineer.
  2. Advice on what? You've not asked a question.
  3. *Follow up to my previous post ''could do with some advice'' as it was locked.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Try posting in the relevant forums for your job choices as you may get more info than in here.
  5. You can apply for pilot in any regiment, you don't have to be ground crew to be able to go for pilot. However i asked my CA and he said the wait is at least 7 years. I will be trying that but going into the para's first as i want to do both!
  6. You can apply to attempt the Army pilots course on being a LCPL with a recommedation for CPL. So hanging around waiting for this time to come (Asumming you're not a complete tw4t who won't get promoted) is a long one.

    If you like hanging around helicoptors, great, join the AAC, but from my limited experience on the grading course some years back, the AAC generally like All Arms soldiers particulary from teeth arms. i sure there's a few threads that'll appear and say that''s bollox, but what if you fail selection. Back to bubble buffing? Or back to whatever arm you came from that you enjoy.

    Join up something you really want to do, but with the pilot course, secondary. That way if you fail grading (I bloody did, still have nightmares about Chipmonks and I'm not talking small rodents) then you just get back on with your career.

    Don't place your whole career on one X-Factor audtion. You only get to do grading once and after that . . . . ?

  7. Hope your prepared to wait for the AAC groundcrew, as I was told it would be atleast 8months waiting time for a job to open up. Just incase you didnt know that already
  8. if yr brother is AAC surely he has the best insight into ground crew?

    is no2 CIS in the RE?

    trojan or titan driver/op. biggest battlefield target there is, plus most of the time you would be in field troop