Follow up to "ASM tradesman or tarmac technician" POLL

Discussion in 'REME' started by BadManners, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. Waste of a good tradesperson/Tiffy course

  2. Go for it Gunny, count those bullets an beans

  3. Must be arrse at their own trade and posted out for a reason!

  1. As a follow up to someones post on "ASM tradesman or tarmac technician"
    (Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2005 3:44)

    As the Corps now has 2 tradesmen in the full time role of Sergeant Major
    (Defence School of Mech knowledge)

    I thought I would open up the discussion, IMHO, the role of Sergeant Major (while we still have RS/RD in the system) should be filled with RS/RD type people, that is what we employed them for in the first place, they are not tradesmen, we dont waste time and money trying to make them tradesmen, the role of RD/RS is what they do best.

    So why are we now employing people that we have spent a small fortune on training over his 18-20 ish years (Basic, phase2/3, education etc) in the role of sergeant major. Surely a job for an Artisan, failed tradesman or the like if we must employ non RS?

    Gents, your thoughts.

  2. We had this discussion recently
  3. Why shouldn't a tradesman do it? I personally would welcome a job like that. A lot of people may question a Tiffy's motives with my last comment but after serving at a first line unit as a Tiff my chances of going back are very slim therefore most of my jobs now will be paperwork pushing in dlo/dpa or stuck in a pp&c somewhere. I must admit that I hate the paperwork and equipment support aspect of being a tiff (cue some of you choking in your coffee but i went tiffy to be a man manager) so a WSM/CSM/RSM would give me an opportunity to work with soldiers again.
  4. @emptyeye
    No we didnt, we had a discussion on "What should we do about the RS?"

    Get a sense of humour!

    why did you waste a place on a course just to fill an artisan role mate, 18 months of hard work when you could have just done the CQMS course and slotted straight into the easy life :)
  5. Waste a place on course? Have you any idea what you are talking about? Im ambitious and I dont want to sit still in life, I was loaded on my Tiffy course as a 25 year old at my 8 year point, should I just have sacked any thought of promotion for 10 years in the hope that I might pick up as an artisan?

    Im not after an easy life, far from it, I just can't be fcucked with dealing with civvies & policy and paperwork.

    The way I see it, RS are going/gone. We now have to get on with the fact unless DEME(A) has a change of mind. Therefore Tiffy's/AQ's & ASM's will end up doing a regimental type jobs and as such add a bit of diversity to their CR's. Wouldn't it be good if a future Corps ASM has done 1st line/2nd line or DLO type environment & a regiment job so that he can give a balanced account to the boss on the state of the Corps?
  6. But would he Sparky?
    Lets be honest here, most in that position will be looking at either commission or pension and wouldn't wish to rock the boat.
  7. I would agree about the commission thing but that shouldn't stop them, lets face it Corps ASM is almost guaranteed commission therefore he's got nothing to lose if he rocks the boat.

    Just let me at 'em........
  8. Hey Sparky, I've done the tarmac bashing, the Staff job and first line. Does that mean I am complete and can now be knocked off for my last 3 yrs?
  9. No. Now you can marinate in a Battalion, thinking "LEAN".
  10. No mate, done the LEAN thing already.
  11. I am sure there must be another concept you could re-invent!

  12. Plus the fact that the Corps ASM appointee, automatically is awarded an IRC (LE) commission after his tenure.
  13. What, he is given a commission on a silver plate without sitting through the commissioning board farce? I don't think so.
  14. Sounds like bollix to me! :?
  15. Are you sure about the IRC bit QManWpns? I know it was an aspiration from the Corps ASM 2 jobs ago as just about every other Regts/Corps RSM get it automatically. I hope the current incumbent does get it after doing 2 years in the job.