Follow-up: response from Cllr Hunt

Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by MrPVRd, Aug 5, 2007.

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  1. The "hearts and minds" bit....

  2. I have received a letter from a Brigadier who was there.

    He also had some interesting accidental observations made to him, whilst at a Church function locally yesterday

    Note AEM refers to APEM.

    That Chief Planning Officer needs investigating. His perfomance on Wednesday night would have certainly given me, if I was Council Chief, cause for great concern.
  3. I was browsing Pprune recently and saw a criticism of the (surely) delighful Miss Westphal. I have chivalrously leapt to her defence and accosted the cad with my gauntlet!

    The initial recommendation would bear her signature as case officer, but her chain of command would have given direction, and she would have to bear in mind previous cases (MVDC has a habit of refusing permission and losing the inevitable appeals). I doubt it is as explicit as exchange brown envelopes or anything like that, more like a "you scratch my back..." relationship. They would probably call it an ongoing "dialogue" or "relationship" with a key local investor or something like that! It would be interesting to lift the stone of AEM/APEM and see what crawls underneath, perhaps FoI to the council to see what emails existed but I bet it would all be done by phone calls between the chief planner and whomever. Subdivision of existing plots and higher density building makes shedloads of cash for developers and helps the planners meet their statutory obligation to provide a 5 year housing supply. Never mind, SSAFA won anyway! :D
  4. What you mean like a certain developer in Grays Lane seems to invariably get planning permission to knock down existing buildings in that area, and build 7/8 bedroom houses on the plots?

    Surely not..... :D

    I notice that the Surrey Police spokesman does not confirm they had actually received a complaint, just that this type of complaint is taken very seriously.
  6. David Blackmore, who wrote this one, is the young local journo who first ran the story as a 'good news' story and then got bombarded by letters himself. He has always been totally on side but I think was a little shocked by what happened to 'his' story after he initially wrote it!
  7. My cynical take on the No 36 issue is that a few developers had the site eyed up for demolition and construction of a couple of houses or even flats. It's been tried round the corner.
  8. Just had a PM from an Arrser who is a Copper who was there. It's bothered him all week, he's just told me he's going to issue an FOI to get the emails between the Planners and APEM.

    Good luck with that, I would think it was all done by phone.

  9. ...even if it wasn't!

    On the other hand, people who think they're invincible and above the law think they'll never be caught out. Cash for honours, anyone?