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Have been underpaid by two increments for the last two years due to problems with P2K software. Anybody know when this will be sorted by?? Apparently a lot of soldiers are in the same position as me............

Oh, and my previous Units RAO have just asked for £10 back from a claim that was overpaid to me.....................My response - ram it till i get my dosh!!!
Lots of P2K FOW due to go live commencing in April. Not heard of any problems with increments being missed though - sounds like you are getting some b*llsh*t off someone! :twisted:
I have put a case up for 24 months AIP for 2 of our guys who have re-enlisted. It came back after about 4 months saying that they could have it, but the computer system at Glasgow had to be reprogrammed to accept this. We have to give them an advance for 75% until it is sorted out.

Get your RAO to put a case up the SPS Chain of Command ! :roll:

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