Folding Knives

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Civvy_Shot, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. A tale of woe...I have just broken my Columbia River KISS folder (top section of frame snapped off). Proof that, given time, I can break ANYTHING!

    Any recommendations for a replacement? Needs to be small (pocket sized not belt pouch), one handed opening, lanyard hole and ROBUST!

    DPM/'Special Farces'/'Survival'/'SWAT'/Ninja NOT required! Opinel does me fine for bigger jobs and costs a tenner if you lose it: I'm after something small that can take a bit of use without bits falling off.

    And no, not a sodding all the bells and whistles multitool: I don't need any more 'functions' than a sharp cutting things function!

    This has probably been asked regularly but trawling through the forum would take forever.

  2. They sell CRKTs in the Arrse shop.
  3. Good point! Don't know where you'd stash that on your person.
  4. A "sports axe" is just a new, slightly more pc name for a hunters axe. Before anyone asks, no, you don't hunt with the axe, its just an accessory for your field chores.

    "What chores?"

    "Cheers, mines a Guinness!" :lol:
  5. Small Stanley knife - the type with 'snap off' blades.

  6. I break bits off things too easily already! If I buy something that's designed to snap off it'll have a survival time in the seconds...

    Seriously though I have used the Stanleys before but they are relegated to the toolbox due to lack of strength when trodden on etc. I have even had one break in my pocket, and as most of my favourite body parts are adjacent to my trouser pockets I leave them at home. Good for skinning bunnies back at base though.

    I wonder how Mr Plod would view a 'Sport Axe' or one of these little fellers...

    All I need now is a young blonde maiden with pigtails and a very big dartboard.
  7. I've been quite impressed with the Schrade 'Old Timer' series. Good build quality, quality materials, and a decent price. I'm not sure if they're available in the UK though.
  8. Seen some Schrade blades around but have been worried that they might be too cheap to be any use. Might give them a go now that I have been cruelly let down by CRKT! Although my M16 tanto is still going strong, but civplod wouldn't like it. (Never go into an off licence after a shoot to pick up essential supplies and then find it's still clipped to your belt. Ooops)

    BBasher - plod don't like big warry blades although I must admit I had a K-Bar years ago. Good kit but a trifle large for polite society.
  9. I have a Spyderco Endura, which I am very pleased with.

    One handed opening, sharp as a razor, blade about 4" long.

    It's available in two styles, I think, with and without teeth.

    I went for the "without" option, making the blade much easier to sharpen.

    Just watch where you carry it, as the plod take a dim view of lock knives

    On exercise is OK, but on the street is not such a good idea.


    I think that Spyderco also do a "UK" knife, under 3" and without a lock.

    For knives, why not try
  10. Detachable testicles? :?

    Useful trick if you can do it. :p
  11. Could have phrased that a bit better I think! Although the Mrs has being attempting that for some time...
  12. Try this for size:

    I bought mine in the PX for $25ish a couple of years ago. Available in the UK. Safe. Small enough to live on my key ring (sorry HMC&E at Bristol Airport – I forgot it was there – honest!). Used it for all sorts of things and the blade is still razor sharp. I would buy the same again tomorrow if mine went walkabout.