Folding @ Home

Should we have a folding team

  • Most certainly what a good idea....

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  • No why should we thats what rats and beagle puppies are for

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I dont know how many of you good bods on here have heard aboutFolding at home but here is the linky FOLDING

If enough of you thought this was a good idea to get involved should we start an ARRSE folding team. With the amount of PC power we have at our fingertips surely we could get right up there towards the top and show that we can do something good while we are at it. ?????

Just a thought i would shove out and see if anyone thought it was a good one.
I'm already doing it.

It's simple and free, just google Folding @ Home.
Already have been for the past 18 months with 3 pc's at home and 21 at work , really clocking em up now i'm on quad and dual core's
No im seeing if there is enough support for the idea and if the mods would allow it rather than just going and setting it up and then getting a real shafting for it.
Well what the Hell i just registerd the team and this is the team number you require 99798...

Happy Folding for ARRSE
One elderly Mac on board, hope it doesn't slow things down!
FatBoyGeorge said:
threaders_vm said:
The only folding you lot do at home is over the sofa prior to your boyfriend spitting in your dung hole.
We wouldn't get foul mouthed comments like that with the other threaders_vm. :D
But you would get some saliva in your dung hole.
Downloaded and registered as the team. I've now got this really neat thingy that's doing something, but I'm F*cked if I know what!!
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