Folding doss mats

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mac7778, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. Whats everyones opinion on the folding sleeping mats? :?

    Always considered the issue roll mats to be a pain in the arrse, overly bulky and look shi,t attached to the outside of bergans.

    Are there many people out there that are using folding mats and are they making life easier? :?
  2. Seconded, Thirded and Fourthed!

    I would also like to add that they're a right cunt to roll up and attach to the bergan if you get bumped, taking up valuable time. Ive very rarely bothered with one.
  3. issued roll mats are terrible.

    i got a buckshee one (dont ask!)

    and simply cut it to fit my back,it no stays inside my bergan along the spine of the main compartment.

    works for me.

  4. That seems like a pretty sound idea. Worth a look anyway. :)
  5. Deff agress with what ha already been said about the issue one.

    John Bull in Catterick sell them, so do what I did, get urself a buckshee one and cut it down.
  6. I got myself one of the German folding numbers back in the eighties, only three quarter length but still does the job!
  7. Those folding ones are sh1te ! There to thin ang give you no protection from the ground.
    would deffo get a Themorest blow uo one. They go nice and small but bit pricey at about £37 but worth it !
  8. Thought about one of these, but imagine they are a bit of a pain in the arrse if getting bumped, and having to bug out shapish?
  9. Trying to squeeze all the air out must be a nightmare whilst been bugged out at daft O'clock.
  10. You don't have to use them inflated. Even uninflated they still serve the purpose they were designed for and are equal to, if not better than, the issue rollmat. Besides, if you had to leg it in a hurry, would your rollmat be the top priority to take with you? I think not.
  11. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You do not need to squeeze all of the air our, just release the valve, fold into 4 and stuff under the top flap of your bergan. Not tidy, but effective until you get a chance to sort your admin.
  12. I've seen them, I s'pose they can be more convenient but there's no major difference.
  13. Found that if the valve is undone it can be tipped into your bergan and you sort your life out at a later stage. That was with a 3/4 length one, in the summer hence using a softy 5 and a relatively empty bergan. As for the comment about using it deflated, I wouldn't agree, just my personal expierence, I would imagine It would be particularly cold / uncomfortable in an obua enviroment (concrete floor).

    Just my thoughts
  14. Think i'll stick to my butchered roll mat!!

    got better things to spend my money on, like beer!!
  15. i always thought bugging out to be silly if in a real contact at night 30 blokes running round under fire dragging all their kit with them seemed like a recipe for disaster

    edited to add or maybe it's because im an idle fecker