Folding a shirt

I still remember coming home soon after Mrs Cuddles had moved in to find her ironing my shirts and hanging them on hangers. Wordlessly I reached up to the bookshelf by the ironing board and handed her my "template" for shirts. Strangely enough I then continued with the ironing that evening and ever since we send the ironing out to a little woman! Sex was sparse for a while too...


We never folded any other than pt shirts, ones with collars were hung. I too have banned the 2 i/c from ironing, I only have to do it again so I might as well do it from the start. The kids generally dont get ironed kit and she likes to buy the cotton that drips dry and low care!
It's not just shirts with 0C either, it's trousers as well. She has put more tram-lines in than Manchester City Council!
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