FOI: Labour tries to dig up Tory past

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jan 11, 2005.

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  1. Most amusing. It may be time for an FOI request to Liabour or No 10 regarding their FOI requests (an abuse of the system) and a further FOI request to the Department for Constitutional Affairs to request information regarding the relative priority allocated to FOI requests from individuals and political parties.

    Once I have a bit more time next week, a few requests go in! :twisted:
  2. A quick one on FOI, if I may, to any aspiring aplicants and seekers of knowledge!

    Be very VERY clear what information you want. Although the ombudsman will seek to apply good faith, you will not receive a full blown story in 10 chapters detailing misrule and bad governance if you haven't specified the kernel of truth that you are after.

    Only ask for one piece of info per request. A request detailing huge numbers of linked and cross referenced questions will simply result in either reams of generated Whitehall speak to baffle you, or an equally confusing and cross referenced load of tosh - which won't actually lie at any stage! If you want to know something, keep it simple.

    And lastly, there are a host of exemptions that the Government can deploy to obfuscate you:

    As you can see, virtually every request could be quashed!

    I have just spent the best part of 2 months preparing all our office's files for FOI - and handling all the shredding. FOI search is initially conducted using a standard issue database. If the query isn't absolutely correct, nothing will be forthcoming.

    Good luck!! :D
  3. So Calypso - you are a clerk? :D
  4. Government Departments have further been instructed ONLY to process requests that state they are made under the FOI act.

    You MUST use the act name, Freedom of Information Act, FOI or FOIA.

    Happy hunting.

    Beebs :wink:
  5. Are there any "chinks in the armour"? For example, say that I am interested in a controversial piece of information that the Cabinet Office and No 10 will have, and are unlikely to release. I know that this will have been sent to the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence. So, do I blitz all four, in the hope that one organisation is more forthcoming (purposefully or inadvertently) than others?

    Also, what about information sent to other individuals or parties who may be sympathetic, for example, to the Leader of the Opposition or the Parliamentary Ombudsman? Can the recipient release information independently of the originator?
  6. Beebs where is that stated - I have been told repeatedly that any request does not have to state FOIA. As a result there have been lots of debates over 'how do you know what is a FOIA request and what is not'. The basis I am working on is that if it is something that you would have dealt with pre-FOIA, carry on as before (recruitment info etc). Anything else treat as potential FOIA request?
  7. So this government will try to fool us into thinking that Howard isn't the man for the job but their man is 8O and the past 8 years have been good for us :roll:

    So now instead of policies to decide who is good for us, its now down to good old US tactics in muck spreading :evil:

    the levels this government will stoop to to stay in power :roll:
  8. it's a horses mouth quote. Deal as if request is general and say sorry no can do unless the act is mentioned then treat as a request as per act guidelines.

  9. What if I submit a request regarding this aspect of the FoI procedure under FoI?!? :twisted: