FOI and TA Regs

Hang on, hang on!

I hope you've got approval from the Consolidated Union of PSAOs? As mere TA, you aren't allowed to see them, surely, except when the PSAO's out playing golf and you lift his keyring out of his room with a long stick, having let off a fire alarm to get the rest of the NRPS out of the way?

Good God man! WHAT are you playing at?


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Tips on presenting an FOIA request:

1. Ask for 'information', preferably specific info. Asking a question such as 'why isn't so-and-so done' is not a valid FOIA request, and will get short shrift.

2. Don't be put off - if they won't answer, try again in a slightly different manner.

3. Insist on the 20 Working Days, even if someone says it's too difficult, there's an election, etc. The FOIAct doesn't mention the Election - it's NOT an excuse for a late response.

4. 'Security' is not a valid reason for non-release. This is especially the case with certain areas that automatically classify everything as 'REstricted', even though it shouldn't be - I'm looking at most of the Army here :D

Best of luck :)
Been there, done that.

Did I ever mention the follow up to this post?

As a result of posting up this sketch on arrse, the CO puts out a memo requiring the PSAOs to let anyone who asks for TA Regs to see them.... msr then gets marched into the PSAO's office and accused of grassing him up to the CO!

I really do think that they should be limited to a 5 year posting.


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