FOI ACT- A chance to check Veh Reg

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Disco, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. I received a link from the MTWO today, here it is

    Did you know that recent Government legislation changing the Freedom of Information Acts gives you access to speed camera offences registered within the last twelve months and placed on a freely accessible website?

    Did you know that every time your car goes even over a mile or so over the speed limit, it is registered and placed on the database?
    They only send a ticket if you are way over, OR (and here is the rub..) if you receive over 20 near misses") You can now check how many you have against your car's registered number.

    Check this page:

    It will ask you for a username and password - but just click onthe >'need a password' link and you'll be given both in a pop-up window. In the top right hand corner there is a "click-on" window and it even shows the picture taken by the camera!!!

    Dam handy that
  2. FMOB! Works for Mil registrations too.
  3. Disco, F*ck-off....:)
  4. You wnaker Disco :D

    I'm sat here raving to the wife about never having been to Middlesbrough :evil:

  5. Nice one!

    Hook, line and sinker!
  6. Me too! :D
  7. seen it last year, still good for newbies :lol:
  8. you would think we would know better :lol:

    yup, still completed the form in!! :D
  9. Oh how I laughed.............. eventually :D
  10. Excellent one for me.. on a road near a TA centre in cambridge, an I thought "but I don't drive there!!"

    Until I clicked photo... brilliant that :lol: :lol: