Fog Lights

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hallveg, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. Why the crap do people drive around during the day with their FOG lights on, in perfect weather.

    is it cos they is tw@ts

    or is it cool.
  2. Its possible that they were driving in a foggy area (possibly a motorway) earler and forgot to turn them off! Just becouse its sunny where you are does not mean it is even 10 miles away!
  3. They're a bunch of feckwits. Most of them haven't ever been near fog as they drive exclusively in towns. Argh, you got me thinking about sunday drivers aswell. Why are our roads full of such tw*ts. Maybe they should be pitted against each other medieval style, head to head, though they probably wouldn't see the other car before they hit it.
  4. Put your headlights and fog lights on at full whack............and play chicken with them !!
  5. i love people like you, mike,the glass is always half full, and everyone is really nice. no its because there tossers, they think its cool, i admit it could be because of this however i doubt everyone i see driving around the local area has just come off the the M1, young lads in corsa cars with massive spoilers, simply tw@ts.
  6. It's also against the law. Up £2500 for repeated offenders. But the police do diddly squat about it
  7. is it really? im gonna start taking photos (no im not cos thats really sad) better still im gonna carry on ranting about it
  8. I believe the wording in the Highway Code states that the visibility has to be less than 100m to legally use fog lights.

    But as has been mentioned, the police rarely do anything about it.
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Actually,I was coming into the village where I live & I got pulled over by a PSNI woman who advised me my fog light's were on.It was a dull day & I had my sidelight's on,unfortunatly,on the 206,the switch is on the stalk for the lights.
    What annoys me more than cnut's driving with fog light's on is those that have miss-alighned lights or one sidelight & one stuck on full beam! Fcukwit's the lot of them!!! :x
  10. yep i hate them all
  11. That's all well and good with fog light wuckfits, but what about the thwaites in their Corsas with half a neon disco lighting set under their cars?

    Is it legal to just turn all your lights off, aim at them and then increase to ramming speed??? :lol:

  12. i think there is a reward for every chav scalp you take to the local council.