Fog-free glasses ? I wish!


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I wear glasses and recognise this problem. It is, however, a very dull idea for a thread.
We have the opposite pronblem in HK - going from an air-conditioned environment into the humid outdoors in the summer you cant see damned thing.


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Care to point us to your favourite thread that you started? Just for comparison, you understand.
Alas, I'm an observer and commentator, not an original thinker. It causes me no end of problems in life, come to think of it.
Clean them you manky ******


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Anti-reflective coatings make glasses very difficult to keep clean. The microfibre cloths are best. I just keep a small one in my left-hand trouser pocket.
Would the anti-fog spray used on motorcycle helmet visors work?
Correct, a good old spit-shine on goggles lenses usually does the trick.

I'm not sure if the same materials are used however and the effect thereof.

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