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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by FofS77Pictures, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Fecking hell! I think I would much rather do the "Janet & John do System Engineering" course if that is the standard of grammer and spelling on the FofS B.Sc course!!

    Where do I sign up guv?
  2. As long as you can empty bins, sweep roads, and paint stuff, you're in :wink:
  3. GRAMMAR ---If you're going to slag off people for GRAMMAR please, at least, use a spellcheck.
  4. Oh dear. If that's how you value the IS fraternity what hope for all the other trades. By any chance will you be picking up an honours or have you coasted for a second class?

    Don't be so bloody bitter.
  5. Is that counting quilts :?
  6. I see you've deleted your post following your bout of weapons grade pomposity.

    As Janet and John do a Bsc No 77 ends, you might want to have a chat with yourself mate.
  7. It just goes to show that in any new thread it ain't too long before the virtual red pens are out in force. Come on guys, weapons grade pomposity aside (inter-trade banter is okay in my book), maybe we're in danger of killing too many threads before they get off the ground. Er...hope I haven't riled my elders and betters by saying that! 8)
  8. What is this thread about???? ( I am easily confused!)
  9. As we are all being very pedantic today, a second class degree is still an honours degree. I know I "coasted" for one as well!

  10. There seem to be a lot of Nobs on this site who can't take a bit of inter trade banter and lets face it youve gotta expect it as an IS Sup. Hope I havnt made any spelling or grammer mistakes as if I give a F**K
  11. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Not really flumps however you may stand corrected on FofS IS instead of IS Sup which in fact was Supvr IS. However easiest way to become a foreman overnight.
  12. As we are being pedantic, as far as I am aware it is a degree but if you get a first it is a degree "with honours" mate. I imagine one of your course brethren got that little ditty as he walked on the stage at the BIC.

    Jimima my friend you got it ever so slightly wrong, but I forgive you, unlike the tool that started this thread.
  13. Since pedantry is the order of the day then Jimima was right and you are wrong. A second class degree is an honours degree, a third isn't.
  14. Well put DeeJay. Back in your box northern.