FofS 5 Year Time Bar

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ipaq, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. Foreman of Signals 5 Year time bar.............

    Can anyone advise if this is from the day you start the course or the day the course finishes?

    Has anyone managed to get the time bar over turned?
  2. This is coming to an end. Briefed by SOinC early this year. Only surgeons, pilots and FofS have a five year time bar imposed. They are reducing the FofS time bar to 3 years. I think pilots and surgeons get a massive FRI as well; I certainly didn't fecking get one of those!! Cnuts.
  3. Sorry, forgot. It starts from end of course. :(
  4. Well that will learn you for getting paid to much for fcuk all :wink:
  5. Cheers RamJet, so I take it anyone who has already signed the Time bar will have to see it out then? No wonder everyone is jumping ship and going down the FofS (IS) route!!!!!
  6. If your looking at doing any of the supervisor courses then you are probably going to complete 22 years anyway, so the time bar doesn't make any difference. As for people jumping ship; it's up to them if they want to be second rate. :wink:
  7. Don't sit on the fence, Roger.
  8. As Clerk of Works we have a 6 year time bar on promotion although I have heard that this has been reduced to going on the board for WO2 at 3 years. We will just have to see. Last yeat we have just had the first WO2 in the Corps get selected for LE commission so that might open the flood gates (for Clerk of Works any way, we can apply for LE commission at WO2 if we hold a relevent degree).
  9. I think you'll find it's 4 yrs p_l not 3 (2 postings), not guaranteed of course.
  10. That's the thing, I haven't heard anything offical yet. Will wait to see next month. It doesn't affect me yet anyway, still got another 2.5 years left before 4 years in trade.
  11. Just a wee joke. Didn't get the normal over reaction I expected. :wink:
  12. Yeah I think people are getting ARRSE-fatigue mate. :p
  13. Hardcore mate.
  14. Err, you can be LE commissioned from Sgt (Not that it'd ever happen).
  15. If you take an LE commission as a RE other rank you can not stay in the Corps as an LE unless you were a WO1 or a WO2 with a relevent degree. I don't doubt you can commission from Sgt but you can't stay in the Corps.

    As for Alfie boy you must be a Clk Wks (F).