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Discussion in 'REME' started by paul2005, Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Already a link in the NAAFI Forum but thought it deserved a posting here too.

  2. Looks like its going down one of the seven sisters on the Tidworth driver training area.
  3. Bet there were a few crates for that one :wink:
    Hopefully the BV was secure. :roll:
  4. REME - Recks Everything mainly Engines haha
  5. Oopsie 8O :oops: .

  6. you theiffing git!!!! :D

    I believe the BV was given the ok after several tech's checked it! :wink:
  7. Did you think that one up all on your own, or did your mum help you? :roll:

    Fcuk off back to your own forum (or school)....knob
  8. That being a Recker (sp?), does it self recover :D

  9. Anyone know a flid called Steve Beecroft, supposed to be a Recce mech full screw, tho i beg to differ, with RDG Wksp, probably him driving the foden the fcuking useless blubbing w*nker.
  10. Be a nice fat badge and edit the name as per the rules :D
  11. Err..the drivers name appears on the vid...... :D
  12. He probably couldn't steer it because he was braking and the wheels may have locked, bad driving that. If that's where I think it is we nearly had a MJ overtake itself going down one of them descents. :D
  13. he probably was brewing up at the time.......... :D
  14. Yes the name of the driver of the Freddie appears on the video but Sappersonparade is slagging down another member of our Corp by name initials SB who name doesnt appear on the video and is obviously a cheap shot as it doesnt show he was involved on this incident. Below the belt and out of order :x Delete the name Sapper please.
  15. Been on that TRG area and anyone who was posted there would know only a Fcukwit would try to drive anything bigger than a l/rover down them slopes, recovered many saxons there,