Foden recovery vehicle

Discussion in 'REME' started by boneheed, Dec 10, 2010.

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  1. One for all you Rechy Mechs out there, or anyone else for that matter!

    Do any of you fine people happen to have a cartoon(ish) (or similar) drawing of a Foden. It is for a proposed new design for the Unit T-Shirt. Anything you have will be great as my drawing skills are not much cop!

    Many thanks in advance and Merry Xmas!!!
  2. Go to the TDOL version of the Foden AESP & find a suitable picture, right click on the picture & in the dialogue box that appears select "save picture as". Save to your computer & use.
  3. Cue loads of sexual innuendo - doh!!
  4. No longer a member of Gods trade.

    But how about this effort I have just knocked up?

    Bitmap in foden t shirt copyright.jpg
  5. 148139_164993220203177_100000774998152_285242_1207732_n.jpg

    Have half a cab, and a wrecked Bedford
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