foden anchor plate bolt

Discussion in 'REME' started by sam1234, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. looking for nsn for foden anchor plate bolt

    the one ive got here in the 741s is 2590 99 445 7991

    but is nic gut

  2. Since when was posting a supply query on ARRSE taught at Bordon? Try seeing you boss, speaking to someone in the stores or if you really cannot find anything then ring the nice people at Abbeywood!

    For your info, it is a good number and there are plenty in stock, but the question now is did you check the AESPs correctly or are you going to join the gang of 'I haven't got a clue so I will order it and see when it turns up'
  3. I seem to remember somebody else working on that principle. He needed a particular cable for an important job (a homer of course) and having trawled through the 1086 found something (almost) suitable. So he went one number up and one number down, ordered them and waited to see what would happen.

    A few weeks later, somebody rushed in and announced the arrival of the cable or at least part of the order. It was the driver and he was duly told to chuck the cable in a corner somewhere. The driver looked surprised and told my mate that the cable was going nowhere without a forktruck.

    My now very worried mate went outside and there was the cable on a low loader on drums that were about six feet high. The cable was of a suitable thickness to probably meet the power requirements of the entire camp. He managed to get it sent back (eventually) but he never did that again in a hurry.
  4. Sounds like someone I know from 2RGJ LAD
  5. This happened at Detmold but I'm sure it happened elsewhere. :lol:
  6. Good site VG, another tool to use, but does it do FV numbers and check stock availability?

    Anyway, back to the original question from Sam2413..?

    After TDOL finally kicked in to life, I have checked the 741 and found out what you are really after. You don't want the plate, you want the UNC 1 1/2" x 4" Lg + Nut that goes with it!

    This is not stated in the 741, and after a quick check to what I believe the FV number is (drawing number) you should get in touch with the nice guys at Abbeywood and ask them to check Darius for FV598860 and see if there are any other drawings linked.....or you could just ask them for the number!

    And when you have found your answer, don't forget to raise a Form 10 (If you know what that is :? )
  7. thanks
  8. Reminds me of the Weapons AQ at the 17th/21st in Munster, ordered two of what he thought was the adaptor to convert UK guages to German gas bottles. Funny as feck when stores announced the imminent arrival of two 4.6" naval gun barrels to the unit, one arrived (left to rot in the corner of the tank park) & the other was stopped.

    Lots of giggling throughout the Garrison I can tell you.


  9. :lol: Funny as fcuk.

    When I was POL rep for 1 Regt AAC LAD, we were getting low on Spilsorb or to give it its more popular name because of its more popular use, cat litter. The D of Q (designation of quantity) was a bit vague, so not wanting to end up with just a couple of bags I ordered what I thought was 20 bags.

    When it arrived, we had cleared wherever it had come from clean out and we were lucky (or should I say, I was lucky) that only just over a couple of tons had arrived. Fortunately, I was able to prevent the rest of the order being delivered.

    Still, the cats didn't go short. :)
  10. Its good to see Technical Queries raised on here however SEFIT are on hand to assist with ALL Tech Enquiries and can be contacted on Ensleigh Mil: 9355 67940 or alternatively you can phone SCOC direct on 94240 2052.
  11. Next wrecker that tips up, chat to the crew keep them occupied and send your crafty to nip up top and "borrow" said item lol
  12. Ha..

    i did the same with bin bags....

    I thought i had demanded 300 bin bags!!!! they come in boxes of 100!