FODEN 6x6 Recy Vech GS......Replacement??

Discussion in 'REME' started by Vermin, May 21, 2002.

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  1. Anyone know if there is a replacement for the FODEN 6x6 Recy Vech GS, if so what's it like? At the rate they are being written off their will soon be none left!! Here's hoping we dont get another over priced, top heavy peice of junk with a cr4p crane, a sh1t winch and a gutless engine. :-[
    Lorry loading crane, capstan winch and a low centre of gravity please. ;)
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not a Hope! - well, not in my lifetime...  The DPA and the REME may think that one is on the cards, and even have had an open day for Industry, but I can tell you that there is simply no money.  

    So, nothing for at least 5 years.  At the soonest.  Sorry.
  3. 5 years? By then all recovery will be ba AA or ADAC card so you won't be needíng a nice bright shiny new Recy Veh now will you?  :-*
  4. obviously you are all T.A recovery mechanics because the foden 6x6 is the best thing we have issued in the last twenty years. please any feedback reference the falklands 1982,  nortern ireland, gulf war,  bosnia,  kosovo,  and now afghanistan.  please feel free to contact me direct at  
    and obviously you are talking shite
  5. Either u r knot a reel blk or u r posting a comment to elicite a responce! All blks that kno reky mucks kno thet evey noo thing thet comes intoo survis is knot us gud as thing at gows bfor, lyke ley 6x6, aec, bedy lite, foden etc.
    If u kow yor stff u will relysew no un thingsd foden is wot wee need a e moe!
  6. I hope that someone at procurement thinks the same as me. **** the recy mechs, and as for getting a new truck, they can kiss my arse!They'd do 1 of 2 things to it.
    1. Fit a stereo with dodgy wiring so that the nice new truck goes up in flames. :D :D
    2. ******* crash it. ;D
    Probably the second. Thick as ****, drive a truck!! :D
    Spend all the extra dosh they'll save by giving VM tiffies even more dosh. 8)
  7. Drunken Bum......I maybe TA I may be not but either way why do you think I'm not qualified to comment...... I used to build recovery vehicles, I'm not talking the chassis but the recovery equipment fitted to them!! And the Foden is sh!t, why have we lost so many because they keep turning over because some knobber put a fu(kin crane (Not even a good crane) right at the top, instead of an underlift you have to use that shit crane to lift the quadrant up and down, how much p!ssing around is that?? How much of a pain in the arrse is the spare wheel, what in the name of Heath Robinson is that all about. And there is definately and better way than the hernia bar!!
    The truck is sound but the gear is toss, it needs a lorry loading crane about 30t/metre with 5 extentions, a capston winch, an underlift and a large compressor for optional air bags and its own tyres!! With the above it would have a lower centre of gravity, less likely to topple (hope that answers your comments Snakey Jim) be more user friendly and be easier to CAM UP!!
    Oh and a 400BHP engine would be nice, 290 on a truck that never weighs much less that 24 ton, maybe haulage companies that only run in Holland would live with it but I doubt it. :mad:

    How many other nations have wreckers that high??
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ho ho ho!  I love to see people fantasising!  If you think that there is a cat in hell's chance of anyone - reg or TA - getting a new reccy vehicle in the next 5 years, you are living on Fullers Earth not Planet Earth!  Still, keep the wish list coming.  I like Vermin's ideas, but as he is otherwise completely shot away (a living (??) example of Gulf War Syndrome!) he probably dreams about reccy vehicles the same as others dream about Kylie.  Only dirtier!
  9. Yep....pure filth my friend, pure filth and as you mention it how is my GWS claim progressing, lost it again just like my MED DOCS!! :mad:

  11. [​IMG]

    The next best thing to a Foden and yes it was tall but as long as you were'nt a dicksplash and were worth your salt it was awesome,
    Our man on the MAN design team has incorprated capstan winch like CRARRV he was known as Mr CRARRV he is a Scouse guy and if this turns up any less of a dream machine than Crarrv then world has ended, just look at the lower profile compared to the bus near it, remember these vehs are designed for off road and in a military environment battle day etc.
    two variants off this recovery veh are coming into service one is a wider version to support the BIG engineer vehs,the Hernia bar is now done away with this will be the envy of all Nato.
  12. Bring back the Scammell for a few months and you'll never complain about a wrecker again.
    And whatever plonker dreamed up the Bedford Light should be put up against a wall and ..........................
  13. 1977 told go to munchescrunchen pick up 2 new scammels, we thought scammell EKA, when the guy showed us the ces we said thats old kit then we saw the vehs, Posh Jock and me had one ea: for a year supported many exercises 2 div sigs with 432 variants etc, good old bus for towing the 20ton RE trl best bit was the Naafi break between 3rd and 4th gear,
  14. So you got new "old stock" Explorers in'77? Wow!

    Explorer was much better looking than the EKA to my mind. I imagine it was a lot better off road too...