Focus on a new style of policing

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by msr, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Police in four areas of England are trialling a scheme in which forces abandon targets and focus on delivering results, such as a nature project in Surrey where offenders work in the community.


  2. Schemes like that would probably work on kids who've probably done something a bit silly, but your hardcore antisocial recidivist chavs won't care, won't turn up, and generally see it as a weakness.

    On another note. It goes back to sensible policing. What next? getting kids who've smashed a greenhouse window to apologise and pay for it? That's how it used to be done, but some forces (I count mine as one) are so deep rooted in the detection target culture I can't see them letting it go.

    But it's a step in the right direction none the less.
  3. Scum in power will not like this. It flys in the face of their desire to control every waking moments and thought of the population, be they the police or anyone else.

    Why else do they want to remove passports and steal money which they allege people owe without having to actually bother with the legal niceties of proving it?

    Rule by decree by whatever little gauliter says so. ZaNuLabour show their true colours once again.
  4. Good thinking if it can be done without a million more forms to fill in... And if it can be left to bobby discretion rather than being compulsory.
  5. What? You mean like the country has managed for a century or two before Brown and Blair decided to create utopia?
  6. Yup, exactly like that.
  7. What a novel idea.
    Police Officers on the street doing what they are actually supposed to do instead of sitting at a desk filling in paperwork? It'll never catch on, the public might like it and we couldn't have that.
    Gove it a few years of that kind of thing and the public might actually start appreciating the Police again.
  8. I have advocated such communitty work for ages,... as for not turning up, as seagull points out simple.

    Tell em "Turn up and work or take 5 years in nick... your choice."
  9. Speaking as a plod that would be my ideal work situation instead of just being a crime historian and clerk.
  10. This smacks of common sense. It will never catch on.
  11. We've seen a quantum shift away from the target culture and a return to common sense policing. The troops are up for it as it allows them to deal with things as the public want them to and frees up a lot of time to concentrate on where they are needed most. It helps when your Chief was Ronnie Flanagan's 2 i/c on his review of policing.

    The trouble is there is a generation of Bobbies who have only known the target culture, where they have been directed to deal with things in a certain way. It takes time to get them thinking laterally. Initial results in my squalid bit of trench are very encouraging though.
  12. This is common sense policing, not a new idea as such but not used for many a year as such punishments would not have resulted in a positive case for statistical purposes.

    Unfortunately, the MCJS is not designed to empower its police to make any such decisions. The lawyers that work for it are infiltrated by such dross (amongst some very good ones I might add) who would never have the balls to make such a decision on a case until the investigative process was complete and they had access to the full facts of the case - usually some 4 - 5 months down the line!!!