Focke Wulf 190 recovered in Norway

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. Great shots, of Kurt's fighter. I suppose The Aeroplane will have an artical in a month or so, I'll just have to wait.
    Very good condition but I will suggest the Magnesium caseings where eaten away, from the engine.
    I understand that at least one 190 is flying in Germany.
    Wonder who will get to do the 'Rebuild'.
  2. I think the plan is to preserve it locally John. Would be nice to see it again.

    Lots of other aircraft still in Fjords and lakes. I know of a Beaufighter and a Corsair, a P-40 in Kirkenes harbour etc. I'm sure there is lots more to come out.
  3. Just how old are you?
  4. Nice to see it again , restored to it's former glory is what I meant :)
  5. A Beaufighter, don't think theres a good example anywhere. In fact can't think of a single one. Theres a Blenhim project and I think one exists in Canada oh to hear a Bristol Syd Radial, Herc or Pegasus.
  6. There's one at Duxford John at Skysport Engineering? , I think an Arrser is one of the project team. Didn't the project slow down for want of suitable radials?
  7. A rather nice Beau in the States, nearing completion to static display.

    USAAF Beaufighter
  8. Ill get hold of the papers today and try to translate as best I can. Will also try to put in some pictures. Norwegian Media seem to be making quite a big thing of this

  9. Yet another Focke unearthed. I named a lot of these as they crashed over what is now Docklands in 1940.
  10. Unlikely ORC as FW 190 wasn't in Luftwaffe service until later in the war, IIRC...
  11. TMW It was a joke. Anyways, all the Hun planes I saw 39-43'ish were them fockers. My dad told me so. Even the ones with three propellors. And them ones with flames coming out the back. And the ones that looked as if someone had bitten a bit out of he wing roots. I have no book learning on these matters - they used to fly over my head though.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Perhaps the OLD should bein BOLD!
  13. The last time PtP seen that plane, he was bailing out of it!!
  14. Apparently some box, sorry German bretherin built a replica FW190 quite recently and were planning to go into production on a few more. What i would like to see are a few Mosquito and Beaufighter executive transports winging about the place.