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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by just_jay, May 26, 2009.

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  1. when i joined the army i had real problems with my feet and after going to the pysio and finding that ive got fucked metartarsals, i was issued lowers in training, then i arrived at my unit just at the start of PDT and i tryed to get issued some lowas or alt bergs for afghan,but i was told to **** off and get them in theatre , so i thought **** that im going to get fobbed off again and bought a pair of alt berg micro lites, and then attempted to be issued lowas in bastion and got told to **** off.

    2 months down the line i look at the bottom of my boots to see that theres 2 holes in the sole nearest he front. if i was infantry and on endless foot patrols i would understand. im a driver all i use them for is walking to work and driving.. and im due to go to another considerably smaller camp for 2 months

    so now im stuck i have 4 months left to push in boots which wont last 2 , or ware meindl which are going to reck my feet.

    i phoned up the dragon supplies asking if i could have another pair sent out here and i was told to send them back and have them re soled or replaced but i dont want the same boots again they dnt last 2 months, also that means while thats happening ive got walk around in meindls. so i asked could i buy the lowas and then return the alt bergs and was told to get fucked.

    any suggestions on where to go from here
  2. If you are driving and doing so little walking, I'd suggest that you won't have any hassle with different boots. Meindl are superb boots and I can't see much difference between them and Lowas. It does sould like you are trying to find fault with what are superb boots.

    One main treatment for metatarsal injury is to wear stiff-soled boots to protect the injured area. Go to the docs if you have a medical issue - the QM isn't there for that.
  3. ive worn my mates lowas and found them considerbaly more comofrtable then meindl , the meindls are to rigid and flat for my feet ive tryed ware'ing them for about 2 weeks to see if it would make any difference braking them in but has made no difference what so ever
  4. Wearing your mates boots is stupid - they are broken to his feet not yours. Get some insoles if that is a problem - or try swapping over the insoles from boot to boot. If you take out the insole from any boot you'll find them mostly flat inside anyway.

    Go to the docs anyway - you are not in a position to demand any special boots unless the doc says so - only they can help if thats the case.
  5. ive already tryed going through the chain and was fobbed off as there isnt any left in theatre in my size and there is a 2 month waiting list... they may be broken into his feet but there alot more comfortable then the meindls, i ware shock absorbers insoles as have already been issued previosly.
  6. The process to get alterbergs or special footwear for medical reasons has changed, you have to see a podiartrist who will assess your feet to provide an idea as to the correct footwear, it may be that no specialised footwear is required just standard issue boots with specialised orthotics, obviously this is something that cannot be done whilst out of area. It is also standard proceedure now that if specialised boots are required that you will be sent to altberg to have your feet specially fitted into a suitable pair of boots.

    As you walk very little and are mainly drivng there is no reason why you should'nt just be able to get on with the meindl boots. You should know that it takes more than two weeks to break in a pair of decent boots properly. Also lets put this in prospective, it may be that stores are reluctant to give you the boots incase someone (lets say an infantryman) has a greater need that you.

    I am sensing that there is a bit of a gucci factor here.
  7. in basic training i i see the doctor who refered me to the physiopherapist who then refered me to a podiartrist, in theatre you can get a chit quite easily providing you have previos history or a medical chit even some of the lads who havent had history have been giving the chits, but have been unable to get the boots as there is none left. there is no gucci factor in this atall its the fact that meindls are so rigid that they are causing me alot of pain even though i have changed the insoles, the altbergs were broken in with in days.
  8. Right then call your MO/ Practice Manager (at your home unit) see if they can re-print the chit off DMICP and get it over to stores for you. Then call stores at your unit and see if they can send you some new boots through R&D. Its a long shot but you never know and to be honest its their fcuk up that caused the mess in the first place, they sent you OOA without the correct kitting and perhaps they should be reminded of that and the fact that it is a legal requirement which they have failed to fulfill.
  9. cheerz dolly, im going to get my admin sarge , but im an attached unit and the admin isnt done by our own , and kind of get the shit end of the stick. the thing thats made it akward is that its happened just as im about to relocate and getting post to the place im going to can take 2 weeks to get to bastion then a further 4 - 5 weeks to arrive at the camp ill bet at
  10. Yep I would say sh1t end of the stick sums it up mate, but keep trying and good luck.
  11. This is not a QM matter! This is a medical matter.

    I am not surprised by this problem at all. ARTD is funded to provide specialist footwear for trainees, but the funding is not so easily available when the trainee joins the Field Army. It sounds stupid, it is, and you need to get your chain of command involved. Be very clear that you are not whinging and that you are not after something ally or something which you are not entitled to. The gap between ARTD and the Field Army needs to be filled. The POC at ARTD should be the Occupational Medicine Branch who should be able to explain the process to your MO and chain of command.

    pm me if you want any numbers.
  12. There is another point. If you are in such a condition that you are not able to use the equipment that you are issued with, perhaps either you need to reconsider your position - before the Army reconsiders its'. You must have heard the term "Services No Longer Required".
  13. msr

    msr LE

    Bore off. Not everyone's feet fit the issue boot.

  14. Unless there is an underlying medical condition they do. If the medical condition is so painful that service is no longer possible, why would the MOD pay for "specials"? If they are prepared to make exceptions - where does this stop?
  15. A few extra quid for for a trained soldiers feet to work or train a new recruit?

    Not everyone fits into the same sizing charts and shapes, my feet are smegged; because I'm an overweight dwaff :p

    My feet were sorted with a decent set of inner soles for £30. Quite a few people have not fitted into the issue boots correctly on tour - why should a soldier have to pay himself or not get adequate equipment?