Fobbed off by careers adviser.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moto_psycho, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Just went to the careers office, stated that I am looking at positions in either Artillery or Armoured. Basically got fobbed off a told to come back tuesday to speak to someone else, really seemed like the bloke didnt give a shit and just wanted shot. He didn't really seem to understand where I was coming from in anything I said either, I told him I do Karate, paint balling, motorcycle trials, play guitar, trying to get my point across of my enthusiasm and drive, but i just got "ive been in the army 23 years and not done paint balling once"... I take the guy thought that I'd expected I'd be doing all of these hobbies in the army?
  2. yeah, he probably expected that.
  3. its wednesday afternoon fella

    what cap badge was he?
  4. Don't see the problem, he must have been infantry
  5. Probably some old knacker marking time before retirement & certain early death.

    Don't let him get to you. Go back Tuesday and stand your ground. If they're not interested either go to another careers office (If practical) and keep at it.

    Personally . . Armoured Corps is the better choice, but I'm bias (And wise enough to avoid the Arty like the plague).
  6. Complain - the customer is always right!

    Send me his details and let me complain - having been involved heavily in recruiting I can guide him as to what he should be doing, that is if you are being completely honest with us...................
  7. Which Office please? As to speak to the LSL Warrant Officer.
  8. Ask even
  9. Its the Ipswich careers office on silent street. Second time I've spoken to the guy and I've just been given a DVD AGAIN.

    But, BUT, the good news, I've just dug out my GCSE results and I have C's in Maths and Business and DD Science and D English. (I didn't believe I had the English!) Which opens so many more windows of opportunity for me when I go back Tuesday!!!

    Also being a Civvy I don't really understand what the badges mean, nor did I think to look!
  10. why?
  11. He's probably some miserable old krusty that's been put into recruitment because he couldn't cut it in battalion. Go in and say that to him :)

    Do you have another ACIO that you can go to?
  12. Armd recce rocks, tanks are big and dirtyand make very loud noises
  13. He told me to go back on tuesday and speak to the other guy.

    Damn I am actually really chuffed about that D i didnt know I had!!!
  14. Go in when there is another recruiter on duty and explain to him about the attitude of the other one. Look out for the Office Manager - he'll be the older one - a Warrant Officer.

    You only decide which arm or Corps you wish to serve in after you have done the BARB Test and you have been briefed on which jobs you are eligible for.

    If you want fast promotion and responsibility go for HR Specialist in the Adjutant General's Corps. They are currently undermanned and promotion prospects for someone with some sense are brilliant. Also they have a post in every embassy across the world. Not front-line soldiering though.
  15. You might need slightly more than a grade D in GCSE English for that job, though.