FOB Robinson , advice needed

I have just been offered 18 months work building a 35k road somewhere near Gereshk.
I am informed that my "office" will be in FOB Robinson.
I need info from anyone who has served there recently.
What is good kit to take for 18 months to make life easier?
Should I go at all? Is it the worlds stupidest job offer?
Financially strapped ex - RE needs good advice lads.
i think your crazy mate. i dont think anyone would willingly want to go back out there?

unless the pays like amazing.

your call, but i wouldnt.
It could be a really good job but you must be aware of the risk - the risk of SIED against NGOs/contractors in that area is high, and as a civilian there is not much you can do about it. If the job is office based then you should be fine, but if the job involves much time out on the ground travelling in civvy armoured 4x4s and standing around on site then you really have to look at whether the salary is worth it. Road projects are extremely vulnerable targets as they take a long time, everybody knows where they are going and routine and patterns are part of the project.

Is it a reputable company? The major ones should have a concern for your wellbeing which is reflected in their approach to risk. Other companies may not be that bothered whether you live or die.

If it is with a reputable company with access to up to date threat assessments and the job is 95% office based then go for it. Otherwise tread more carefully...
Thanks asr1 that is the kind of info I am after.
The company is CADG - Canadian organised but based in Singapore.
Their website shows they are a pretty large outfit with some years of experience in third world and politically unstable countries.
The first telephone interview from their HR department was professional and honest.
They said the position is mostly office based with local guys doing the majority of Survey groundwork and stakeout but know how it is...once a Project starts you just have to get a bit of " hands on".
On the other hand tired_chimp whilst I am not some malingering gay bar loiterer - I am rather fond of my balls.
medwaymud said:
On the other hand tired_chimp whilst I am not some malingering gay bar loiterer - I am rather fond of my balls.
I wasn't having a go at you, more the n00b posting on an army forum that he doesn't understand why anyone would want to go to an operational theatre. I felt he was maybe missing something.
CADG are a good outfit so nothing to worry about on that side and they do a lot of program delivery for USAID. The nature of their projects does make them targets to SIED, but then again, any reconstruction projects in Afg are likely to be targetted. I'd happily work for them.

I'd go for it if I were you - you can always leave!
Just remember regardless of all the advice given on here, your asking do 'we' think its a good idea, are you mentally cut out for it.

Its not a question of bravery or stupidity, if your asking is it a good idea, then maybe its not.

Theirs pros and cons to the job, you could get killed walking across the road here, or over there.

Think long and hard, as their does appear from the above a doubt if your mentally prepared. Easy to say you can leave, but on day one on a dusty Afghan road, it'll be a long day!!
The answer is - not sure.
Did 12 years as a Cold War soldier - in other words got pissed in Germany a lot, played Rugby , fcuked Frauliens.
Did NI - but did not have to break up a riot or anything like that.
On the other hand - I did P Company, found myself in a few punchups down the Shot, did not let my mates down in any situation and had loads of fun in the Bar and on Adventure Training.
So all I am trying to do is get as much up to date - no walt - info as I can to make a decision that is right for now.
Thanks for your input.
Two words of advice, keep your passport safe (i.e., don't let the local agent take it). Make sure you have a return ticket - ensure that your contract is drawn up under UK law which insists on this.
i did 3 months in FOB Rob in 2007 and after Sangin was malleted by the Marines, it became relatively (compared to elsewhere in the province) quiet. if you are just sat in the FOB its primative. still wouldn't reccomend it tho.
PM me for anymore info
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