Could someone in the know please elaborate on the qualifying criteria for FOB pay in Afghan. I recently completed a tour which involved travelling around a shed load of other nation’s FOBs as well as Brit FOBs. Prior to deployment I was told to keep a record of where I was and for how long etc.

On return from Afghan I handed the paperwork in for a retrospective claim of ULA or FOB pay whatever its official name is which was countersigned by the host nations representive that I was working with during my stay. Now, the claim has been held up by my unit whilst they are discussing the situation with PJHQ and trying to work out what I am actually entitled to. Sorry for not being more specific but I don’t want to single myself out.

Considering I spent two thirds of my tour without access to the Operational Welfare Package I think that as a minimum I should be entitled to ULA at FOB level as a FOB is a FOB is a FOB regardless which nation owns it. Some are better than others but some aren't. As I'm at a NATO unit I feel like I am being fobbed off (no pun intended) as most do not deploy whilst enjoying the cushy lifestyle to such an extent that they are disconnected to the reality of theatre.

In summary then, what are the qualifying criteria for FOB pay and is it applicable to non British FOBs (I half expect that I know the answer).

Secondly, if the answer is none and a soldier has no access to the OWP whilst deployed what are the full qualifying criteria for Afghan LOA considering that I was not issued a paradigm sat phone and was told that an individual does not warrant access to one?

Do not take this post as I am after money for money sake, its the principal that matters. If a British soldier is serving at a British FOB gets FOB pay then why doesn't a British soldier get FOB pay whilst serving with another NATO (or non-NATO) unit at FOB level, some of which are far worse than UK standards?

I look forward to and fully appreciate any sensible answers I receive,

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