FOB Exercise,Caerwent

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Feb 20, 2011.

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  1. Another good, demanding session this time practising FOB and patrolling drills.

    We deployed blokes with Vallon, Bowman and LMGs which would have been unthinkable for a TA unit even two years ago. (as well as the usual A2 and GPMG ( x6)). We also used, for the first time, Helmet Mounted Night Vision kit which looked to be pretty useful. The OPFOR / Local Nationals had a selection of AKs and wore dishdashes.

    INto routine at 0830 saturday; patrols, sanger bashing etc. Naturally the patrols came under IDF and SA fire and the FOB was IDF'd. More than once. The RAP was tested as was the CP; 9 liners and notional MERT requiring HLS clearance. The medics put on some superb CASSIM complete with squirting blood to simulate arterial bleeding.

    We had walk-ins and one patrol went out with a rather more ginger than usual ANA soldier.

    Sunday at early-ish o'clock saw a totally unexpected FOB attack, complicated by having two of the three platoons out - fisrt Plt was fixed, QRF deployed who also became fixed. IDF on the FOB followed by Taliban killing all of the CP, 13 FF KIA and 4 Talib dead.

    Fair bit of chaos despite a very helpful WO2 playing OPFOR being heard point out, during the scrap, that some,litter needed picking up and the presence of a rather notable trip hazard.

    IMO a very good exercise that shows what can be done when the PSIs are good'ns.
  2. It would seem then, that some units trg is way ahead of others!
  3. All v admirable, but:

    That's just boll*cks. My oh my ! 6 GPMGs ! A2s ! Might have been unthinkable for you...but the rest of the TA has been doing that for a while. I know of at least one unit that in 2009 did a 2 week ex simulating working from a FOB, Bowman, C-IED drills, ECAS..... FFS...what are the rest of you doing ?
  4. So it would appear, coy weekend or slighty larger BB?
  5. If that's a coy weekend, Christ, consider my transfer request in!
  6. Now tell them what happened to the Bowman at the end :D
  7. I thought my emphasis was rather obviously on the use of Vallon, Bowman and LMGs, which are not routinely used on Ex by TA units. If yours does; good for you.

    The Ex was open to the Bn but I think the main body was for the guys looking to go on H15.
  8. It worked?
  9. the less said about bowman the better
  10. "What, me worry?"
  11. not at all, quietly confident kit is on a shelf in a certain location. I'll speak later
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    If 4 Para are still leading the MST for H15 expect a lot more of it, particularly during your 2 weeks at Thetford/Brecon. Casevac is for winners!
  13. Oh, joy...
  14. Bowman, what happned to Clansman....?

  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    It's in a museum in Blandford on the shelf next Larkspur I think.