Foam rollers

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by c_w_wan87, Jun 10, 2013.

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  1. Got this last week! amazing!

    if you haven't got one, get one I swear by it.

    Reliefs muscle soreness after a good workout at the gym or run
  2. It's basically like rolling out the muscle knots using your body weight

    For example, your hamstring are tight. Roll your hamstring on the roller until you hit a tight spot (it's hurts as F!!) roll back an fourth for about 1min. The next day your muscle will not be as sore compared to without doing the roller exercise
  3. Blimey, you mean it's like, but nearly as, but not dissimilar to . . a massage?

    Well I'm blowed, this new fangled stuff

    Jarrod could have helped you with a long rod-like muscle relaxant with protein all over it for half the price
  4. They're also a good way of ******* yourself up.
  5. Why is that ?
  6. How do you put your protein in it?
  7. Hoofing bits of kit - but if you're serious about it, don't much about with the cheap ones, spend a few hard earned and get the rumble roller or the grid instead. That and a tennis/lacrosse ball and you're laughing.
  8. Bloody agony after squats or deadlifts but they work .