foam bedrolls VS inflatable roll mat

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ilyar81, Jul 9, 2009.

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  1. Good afternoon! Excuse for my English.I have a question about two items of British field gear:does british soldiers use foam bedrolls?did inflatable roll mat arrive to replace foam bedrolls? Can you explain?
  2. your england is good

    what skool did u went??
  3. Inflatable bed mats are a private purchase.

    The foam roll mat is still on issue.
  4. What army are you in then?

    We now get issued blow up roll matts (if going on ops) though they are quite pants to be honest. We still get the foam ones as well.
  5. The poor underfunded one that New Labour want to prune yet again to save a few more pence.

    You must be really special to get a blow up roll mat, we still get two blankets in summer and three in winter for use with our gas cape here :p
  6. You've obviously not been on ops recently. The kit you get now is too much to be honest. Most of it is good kit as well. Are you a civvy, a cadet or TA?
  7. Um nope

    True it was four years ago I last went on Club 18-40. No gucci blow up roll mats then.
  8. Many thanks i need the knowledge for reenactment airsoft.If i understood, in British army soldiers use foam bedroll and inflatable roll mat? I thought, that soldiers didn`t use foam bedroll, and inflatable roll mat replaced it.
  9. Nope, we do use both. Just depends on where you are and what you're doing, and sometimes what your preference is.

    Foam roll mats are quite often better for the quick put away, but the blow ones are definately better against the cold hard ground.

  10. Borat, is that you?
  11. I`m not Borat.this is bad joke.

  12. Ah FFS :roll:
  13. we still get straw to stuff in our greatcoats

  14. Shame, you'd have been semi-interesting then.
  15. Do the Marines use blow up bed rolls?

    Or do they prefer the roll mats?