FOA DRLC do you care about us subbies??

Well the RLC puts its size 7's in it again!!!!!!

Us little TA types are obviously not that important. We have the biggest Corps but can't find instructors for the TA Capt's cse.

Would this be the same for our Reg counterparts, I think not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A response would be good as us lowley TA types are being blocked at every stage of our military careers. How can we be expected to fit our lives around the courses we book and balance our full time jobs and keep the TA as a priority.

Not only can we not get the instructors to fullfill our potential we then find our path blocked by our Reg counterparts who have had the resources to pass the courses. Oh and have had instructors to run them. To compound this we now find out that TA seem to be second rate in all areas, or as the Reg grown up seem to think. Just ask two outstanding senior officers who have been red carded by Div because the GOC wants a Reg CO.

Ummm is this deliberate or just blind ingnorance???????

finally is Grantham actually doing anything for the TA? Again I struggle to see how it is as it only seems to service certain other cap badges rather than the RLC TA.
Ah you aswell it seems as Grantham or Deepcut just cant seem to find the time to fit us in!!!
Well it is in December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have an MP moan to him, thats what he is paid to do on your behalf. Another point would be what is your CO doing about it??
Hope you get some answers.


Suggest all the posters above log off , switch off, and fix your keyboards. Your ! and ? keys are sticking. Or does it add to your contribution by having twenty in a row (or even two in a row)?
If it was about time served then why is the sytem so hell bent on making it hard to gain the correct qual's to be promoted. We should all just start as soldiers and travel the LE route.
Could someone please shift gear out of "rant" mode and explain to me rationally what this post is all about? My belief was that the TA Capt's cse was ran at Deepcut by the usual cadre who ran the regular cse; is there now a separate cse for which they can't find instructors? Could someone also explain to me how we regular types block the TAs? Or realistically when we would ever compete for the same jobs, and so why it would be worth our while? (Short of command of TA Regts)

I am also intrigued as to what resources are need to pass said Capts cse, save perhaps the intellectual capacity of your average NCP car park attendant and how the TAs are nefariously denied this?
Totally bewildered too Ford. (Must be bounty time or something.)

Nice to see you about again.
Why care about subbies. You can't leave. And by the time your 3 years are up you'll be a Capt, be enjoying the money and the mess and have got over it.
Don't think that you ever matter ate any rank. You are a comodity to be used and expended. You can always be replaced.

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