FO give up on Immigration

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Apr 25, 2010.

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  1. I know this issue is barely discussed on the election campaign due to labour's incompetence and poor records (or complete lack of) and it's been debated many times, however:

    Grayling said: “It’s absolutely inexcusable for people who are in Britain illegally to avoid deportation simply because of Home Office incompetence. This has really got to be sorted out.”
  2. Constant tinkering with the immigration and asylum legislation has increased the number of rights of appeal available to foreign nationals; this then means many, many more appeals being submitted. Presenting Officers can't appear at every appeal that's listed so they prioritise. Yes it's shit but until someone with some balls reduces the countless appeal routes from the immigration system the situation won't get any better.
  3. It makes me laugh that they all talk about non EU immigration.... The govenment have given away any right to control EU immigration. They talk about it as though it has no impact - erm wakey wakey - most people complaining don't make the same distinction....
    How's your polski!!
    The rich get richer - that is the net result of the reckless immigration policies of the EU. The British presedential election is a joke........ They have no real power left!
    Greetings from Polski Ireland....
    Rant over...
  4. I know what you mean Gubmint_agency you obviously work for the same agency as me........
  5. Maybe they should also be discussing the repatriation costs of the private jets used to take the illegals back home....
  6. It isn't only down to incompetence, it is down to deliberate party policy. They WANT the illegals to stay otherwise they wouldn't be granting back door amnesties to their new core vote.

    The bottom line is they are using immigration for one simple reason... to rig the election.

    Anyone really think any of these grateful souls will stick their cross in the box of a party who will control immigration?

    We are being robbed of our land and our democracy and they have the audacity to accuse anyone who exposes their lie as a fascist, racist or bigot.

    The good news is, being labelled that by some of this lot only means only one thing... you love something that they hate.... your country.
  7. Oh thats easy... take it out of the money they give to India and Pakistan in foreign aid... were only subsidising their nuclear programmes anyway! And of course make the carriers liable for any illegal they bring in.

    Hell the money saved in NHS, housing costs, child benefit costs, crime costs, the costs of Quango's to look after them, and just think of the council tax that would be raked in charging Mosques council tax and so on.

    All it takes is political will.

    Besides why fly them... we have the Channel tunnel now... and if push comes to shove, cattle trucks will get them to France.
  8. And what a rant it was.
  9. Erm I was referring to the money that is allready being spent on repat charter flights... Costs a fortune!
    Should do a CIA job on them - drug them send them cargo....
  10. Methinks the UK should be suing France through the EU courts for the cost of their not removing their IIs who then gravitate to teh channel ports to get to the UK.
  11. The EU doesn't want UK to sort out immigration... it wants the UK to be subservient which is why it wants the current situation to continue.

    It sees patriotism and freedom as a threat... they cant fight us out so they'll just immigrate and breed us out.
  12. Wasn't that what the english tied to do to the Scots? (Braveheart movie clip lol!)
  13. There is a line, you know, between willingness to stand up for the British national interest, and persecution mania.
  14. Actually in a way yes.... just as well really considering the paucity of the gene pool up there!!

    Gordon Brown is an example of what happens when you let them inbreed!! :D
  15. Feck off you racist ranting moron.