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Hi all. My father has recently left me an Indian Army FN. He acquired way back through the proper channels when the Indians decommisioned them and sold them off. It has been grandfathered through the new gun control laws and is still able to be fired on the range (albeit with only 5 rounds in the mag. )Upon getting the rifle, he had it rechambered to 30/06 for deer/moose hunting. I find this ammo is quite expensive for me to buy, and also unwieldy and am thinking of finding a gunsmith to rechamber yet again to .223 (5.56) , as I will only be using it at the range. (don't hunt, as I find it cruel and unnecessary in these days of butchershops and McDonalds). Anyone got any idea regarding what the rechambering entails, and how much it might cost?
Err, Not Possible. Could re-chamber (requires a new barrel) to .308, .260, 7mm08, .243 or similar.

Would cost..... depends on whether a barrel is available or it's custom work.
Why those calibres, but not 5.56? also, how would a different round work with the gas-operation? Would I set it "adverse"
The case head diameter is vastly smaller for 5.56mm. Simples.
Not to the same scale!

Assuming that you're talking about an FAL, then the gas system is unlikely to work with a 5.56mm round. You'd have to make extensive modifications to the rifle - new springs, new piston, probably custom work on the gas block, new bolt, etc. I expect you'd also run into a number of problems trying to get a magazine feed to work with the smaller round. How are you shooting 30-06 out of it? Single loading direct into the chamber?

Easier to hang the rifle on the wall as an heirloom, and buy a cheap plinker for the range....
I've not fired it, but yes, he single loaded them, which is one reason I want to have it fixed up. Would be a shame to have it hung up. Any idea what kind of cost I'm looking at? Thanks
The work is completely open-ended, because it is impractical just on the known issues. I'd guess you could spend two or three thousand dollars in gunsmith hours, and still end up with a non-functioning rifle.

If it was mine, I'd probably rebarrel it back to 7.62mm, or see if it will work with a 7.62mm sleeve in the chamber.
For a chamber insert, try these guys: CHAMBER ADAPTERS

They do a .30-06 to 308 adaptor. You glue it in. If/When it eventually falls out, you re-glue it or get another.

Be aware of licencing issues though! I assume you are in Canada. Dunno how that works there.
Thanks 4t. And stoats. I think that would be best. I only wanted 5.56 because I think it's an infinitely better calibre than 7.62 (as proven by the US and most NATO countries opting to go with it), and the single loading of the 30/06 is a giant pain.


Chamber inserts arent licensed in Canada!


However that rifle is prohibited under the criminal code, it can be owned by a section 12 license holder and willed/inherited but it cant be taken to a range and fired!
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