fmts and minibus driving

just wondering if anyone out there could clarify how old you need to be to drive minibus' our unit there are very few ocdt's with a licence and i have happily offered to do the test etc and do some driving duties but can never get a straight answer-some of the instructors are pissed at being continually used to be glorified bus drivers when there are some of us mongs happy to do the job.

serious replies please

Although I don't look a day over 18 ( cough) I am of the age where i have grandfather-rights on my license.

This means that I'm allowed to drive the minibus. I do not remember having a familiarisation but I'm sure I did at some point as it is on my FMT. I probably don't remember having one as all the late nights of driving ming-monged Sgts and Officers home from the mess have blurred into one another.

I have a DVLI form infront of me as I am changing my address. Here is the bumf:

Minibuses with between 9 and 16 passenger seats towing a trailor up to 750g

Old Cat : A or B
New Cat : D1
Min Age : 21
Notes : Age 17 if member of Armed Forces

Happy to help ;)

(edited to look more legible) lol
so does that mean that as im 19-soon 20 i should not normally be able to drive the minibus.yet due to the otc ebeing a part of the TA i should in theory be allowed to take the test and drive the minibus as long as it was for otc purposes?
well, it is the same system if you need your HGV licences. I originally got my licenses through the TA although i was over the age limit i did know of others who were under age who got their license through the squadron.

i would assme being the age you are you would find it quite difficult to rent a minibus for anything other that OTC purposes anyway. But once you passed your test you could be "Des" for your sqaudron from then on once you got your familiarisation from the MT and your lovely pink FMT!!! yippee!!

Good luck ;)
The simple answer is this:

Any potential driver must have a D1 on their license (this stopped being issued around 1997 I think), otherwise they need to pass a specialist examination to drive a minibus (with passengers). A quick google found this:

DVLA Driver information...

Hope this helps.
in army (otc included) you can drive if you take the test from 18. You need your license sent away to be made a provisional in those categories needed (D1 for minibus). You would need to sit the theory, if under age of 21 you'd need to do that through the military. Your unit will then normally "familiarise" you with a minibus and put it on your fmt.
Over the age of 21 anyone with a car license can drive a minibus in civvi life as long as it's not for payment (ie. a charity). Therefore you wouldn't need a license to drive for your student union if over 21, although some will stipulate you do for cheaper insurance. You can't normally rent a minibus in civvi until over 25 and with a license, and definitely over 21. If you get your cat D with army before you're 21 you'll only be allowed to do that for the army, not drive civvi minibuses.
Does that help?

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