Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by uk_numpty, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Do all civilian staff working within a Regular or TA Bn require an FMT600?
    Reason i ask is some civvys within our unit do not have them, but still drive white fleet vehicles, but do not however drive the green fleet.
    What's the reason for this?
    And who in the unit would be responsible for these people to get their ticket with??
  2. Pretty sure they (Mil & CIV) will need an FMT600 for any fleet (green or white) vehicle.
    They will also have to have an entry on the FMT600 to say they can drive that veh.

    They guy to see is the unit MTO or MTSgt.
  3. They require a valid FMT600 endorsed with vehicles they're qualified to drive. IIIRC JSP800 Vol 5 holds all the required info.
  4. White Fleet does not need an FMT600.

    Anything remotely green does require an FMT600.

    Lads who were MT while serving and left the forces and immediately started as a civilian driver still have to be fam'ed up all over again on vehicles that they have driven for their whole career before the MOD will let them drive them again.

    Utter bollocks, it drives the civvy drivers insane......especially when it comes to the more specialist equipment where civilians hold licences and experience on machines that make MOD vehicles look like tonka toys....they still have to be fam'ed up before using the dinky toy MOD stuff.
  5. Think you'll find that thats only if its a Cat B White Fleet (4x2 car, van etc - and not minibus over 8 seats)

  6. Could it just be a local thing Quaker?

    I happen to have a D1 licence anyway, but have been driving a minibus 8+ seats with no recourse to the FMT600 at all....seems to be lugged into white fleet as one block.

    Considering how **** the MOD part of the MT are with the rest of the paper/tickbox/FMT approach to licences.....they do not bother with minibus at all.
  7. Had to dig through JSP800 recently BaldBaBoon and it was in there. Without checking again I'm sure you can only drive those vehicles prviously stated without a FMT 600. Of course not all units are as particular as some about paperwork! Some of us have to put up with right jobsworths!!!

  8. I thought plant-pilot had squared all this away 6 years ago.

    Read his responses here.

    FMT600 thread 2004

    My understanding of his responses is that a license is all that is required to drive a vehicle lawfully (tax and insurance to one side) - but owing to the wide range of vehicles in the MoD and the small number of licence types - being 'famed up' demostrates that you have been assessed as being capable of handling a particular vehicle type.
  9. The rules have changed since 2004 so not all the facts will be correct.
  10. In BFG, if you drive a white fleet vehicle you need an FMT 600. If you go to the GTO to sign out a vehicle and cannot produce your FMT 600, you don't get the vehicle, regardless of whether you are civvy or mil. Simple.
    I have no reason to assume that UK is any different.
  11. Coupled with an indate matrix test for the country your in.

    How in-date yours is depends on your unit - some make it yearly, some make it your time at that post. Not my idea before anyone chops off, it just seems to vary from unit to unit.....

    Doesnt include the BFG 9 1/2 hours training, once you have that as long as its documented in in a file your in.
  12. Found it:

    JSP 800, Vol 5, Chap 15, Annex C, Para 3.

    FMT 600's are to be issued to drivers of service vehicles: Personnel only driving catagory B (4x2 Car) vehicles, in the UK, do not have to be issued an FMT 600. When driving overseas see Chap 14.