Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. What is the procedure for AIs to get their FMT for Landrover?
  2. you need to complete and pass a matrix test on computer, then you have to have familaristion training on the vehicle to be able to recieve a fmt 600 then you can drive
  3. I'm in London District.

    Do you know how long the familiarisation training takes?

    Do you have any contact names and numbers you could PM me?
  4. Normally happens on your annual camp, you should have an MT Staff who will do it, Familiarisation does not take that long.

    If you dont have a designate MT, Ask very nicely in your Local TA unit and they may assist you. Your Chain of Command should be able to advise more however
  5. Our Bn has just made it mandatory for drivers to have Cat D1 on their license to drive an ACF minibus. We used to get FMT600 test for that. :x
    Is it the same everywhere else?
  6. thats nothing to do with the battalion thats a license requirement to drive a minibus over certain specs.

    An FMT does not provide the relevant license
  7. Fuck me what is the world coming to when the bureaucrats in charge are insisting that you have the correct driving license, for the vehicle with which you are using, to transport the children in your care.

    If we lie down and take this it will be seatbelts next, you mark my words.
  8. Prior to 1997 on passing the standard test you received many more categories then those passing afterwards.

    Someone may have taken 13 years to notice, but you need to be licenced for the vehicle you are going to drive. There are certain exclusions in service of the crown, but that's more to do with having to get someone to shift a vehicle in a combat zone etc - not driving a minibus full of cadets.
  9. Thats a good call on your Bn's behalf, the D1 allows you to carry upto 16 people, but upto 8 people on an ordinary car licence....
  10. Cheers for the replies. Apparently I can (with my ACF hat on) drive a charity minibus (16 seats) without a D1 as long as its not for profit. Any clarification?
  11. No JSP 800 applies, you need a D1 licence.
  12. If you passed your test before X Date you may find you have D1 License, If you dont I dont beleive you can drive with any passengers though I beleive you can drive an empty mini bus
  13. Likewise, OP, do the ACF have different rules about LR fams? Our lot (TA) have to go on a proper course, not just a quick once over..
  14. to drive a D1 vehicle not for hire or reward you either need a pre 1997 full driving licence or meet the requirements of the Uk derogation

    to drive a D1 vehicle under the Uk only derogation to drive with a cat B licence , it must be voluntary, the driver must have held their licence for 2 years and there are restrictions on the type of vehicle ( e.g. mam 3500kg for standard vehicles and 4250kg for accessible)

    the issue of being paid while driving depends if the vehicles have s.19 permits and i strongly suspect that white fleet won't although vehicles owned by the cadet forces themselves might

    the CTA has a lot of good advice but you need to register ( free) to get to a lot of it
  15. exactly.

    the rant comes not from having to have a minibus license to drive a minibus (duh!), but in a lot of ACF counties, from the fact that even if you did your test before the 'cutoff' date, you still have to have D1.

    makes perfect sense to me. Rules should apply to all or none... there was no sudden drop of driving test standard when the rule changed, it was just too much paperwork to revoke people's both-cat licenses!