Fmt 932w

Discussion in 'REME' started by lacrabat, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. I quite like them, nice colour. I might "borrow" one to see if I can get a match down B&Q for the front room........
  2. Lacrabat, is this a new format for the AF G932B. I fully expected to return to work today to find yet another new initiative, but maybe we've been overlooked?
  3. I doubt you would have been overlooked, confused? probably. Overlooked? unlikely.......
  4. New wheeled vehicle inspection criteria greeted our mechanics on return to work. Happy New Year gift?
  5. A bit of a heads up and perhaps some training before going live with them would have been nice, especially given the importance attached to them......
  6. Yipee! it was JAMES Land last year, now more hoops to jump through. Only 488 pages in the new manual + all the guidance notes to read before i can inspect a vehicle.
    As if i don't have anything better to do.
    Happy New Year!
  7. Is it on TDOL, Battlebox or similar guys? Give some people a running start on return to work. Just a thought. Share the taste eh?
  8. Catchy don't take the fun of it away, there's nowt better than being told you should already be doing something you know nothing about!

    Has anyone else thought that there's lots of nugatory work on there now?
  9. There's a whole raft of the new 932 and 933 on the JAMES Tech Docs web site, and more to come with a similar form replacing the 857 this year.
  10. Reading threads like these makes me glad that for me, it was all sorted on bits of brown card.
  11. it's dropped a bit of a clanger here in Germany as Penman trailers because of their classification would not be subject to MOT in the UK. All inspections to be carried out as per the new format, which you guessed it don'e cover Penman.................Yahhyy for new systems!
  12. Try smashing out non road going plant equipment on them, its a treat I promise you.
  13. Just got told today that i've got to get some training on the new format before an Engineering Officer says i'm competent of carrying out inspections.
    Have i wasted the last 27 years of my life?
    Now i know where all New Labours spin doctors are working, sneaking this out while most people have been on leave or too pissed to care.
    Why bother, DSG will probably still be using the old format.
    Does that mean that anything that they inspect willl be invalid?
    The changes to the MOT manual that were supposed to take effect this month have been put back to June, so why couldn't this have been phased in over a similar period?
    Just back from the pub, so i should know better than try to put the world to right!
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  14. Have I missed something, I didn't see it including anything other than wheeled C vehicles and no mention of replacing the Plant inspection forms?
  15. Mabey plant veh was the wrong term to use?
    It covers all wheeled A,B and C veh which sadly for me includes, Hyster Diesel and Electric, JCB 524/541 and the RTCH