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hey just a quick question for people. have been fammed on a "wolf" landrover for some time now and when it was added to my FMT 600 it was written in as WOLF and that was it. several people have commented that it is incorrect. is this so?
It is incorrect, although most people will recognise what it is for. IIRC it should be along the lines of TUL (HS) GS or TUM (HS) FFR.
mine reads landrover all variants to inc tul/tum
hope this helps


cheers, i have landrover 90/110 in one slot and wolf in the other although wasnt going to question the MT ssgt that entered it in. Thought it should have been TUM/TUL


Your FMT600 should be filled in correctly, otherwise if you are involved in an RTA the first thing the MTO will do (or indeed the Master Dvr) is take off you your FMT600 for verification.
Each veh you are fammed on should be entered correctly by putting in the variant of veh that is written down in the Work docs.
Otherwise you might be in a situation that leads to not only your SNCO MT staff but also yourself for not inspecting the FMT600 correctly in a whole world of Shi*.
Dont be scared of asking Q's regarding your \FMT600 its better to be safe than have to fork out for an accident.

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