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Discussion in 'REME' started by 2hammers, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. posted to a new unit up north. books in with the mtwo to get my fmt 600 updated only to be told if vehicle familiarization courses are not on my pampas i can't drive that vehicle. Surely after completion off class 1 upgraders course the week of D&M on 432 then the driving course should count. Not according to him and now i have to complete the course all over again is this happening in all units now or is he just being an a*se?? 18 years of driving in the corps should count for grandfather rights or something.
  2. Nope, not if it isn't signed in blood on your buttocks with a quill made from a peacock's tail, or whatever other shite DRAC and the RLC can think up.

    Happy driving. Or rather, passengering.
  3. i hear you but we are even talking about l/r wolf daf 4t etc no common!!!
  4. sense
  5. No problem, hire in white fleet. Then you just need your civvy licence. I've got an ENTIRE unit that now can't drive green fleet!
    IF, FOR EXAMPLE, U21S wanted to get out of driving they are being helped by MT seniors/cpls who wont let it happen because of categories not being on licences...

    DESPITE it clearly stating on my driving licence that if you are U21 AND IN HM FORCES YOU ARE EXEMPT CIVVY RULES!

    7.5 TONNERS

    why oh why do jobsworth tw@ts get put in charge of MT! Except when someone with a warrant/commission asks for a van for the weekend for private use...then its nice as fcuking ninepence!

    CNUTS WITH NO FCUKING BACKBONE! if your CR mattered that much, perhaps you should start working and stop taking sports afternoons and fridays off when people need vehicles!
  7. I understand exactly where your coming from. Went to sign for a landrover on the last exercise but was told that i couldnt have it because i hadnt been familiarised on a RHD landrover 110. The fact that i had wolf on there didnt count and the jobsworth wasn't having any of it.
  8. Well I passed my HGV at leaconfield at 17. I was driving 4 tonners in BAOR at 18 after my BFG tick test. MOD personel both military & civilian are exempt age limits.
    Regards LT.
  9. but at the end of the day. if you dont have that particular vehicle on your FMT 600, and you have an accident and wipe someones family out, then it's you that goes to jail!

    it's your choice.

    i do agree that there is alot of red tape to deal with. but IF your unit is pro-active and manages the driver training / education effectively, then it should'nt be a problem.

    i do think that DI's who conduct the FAM TRG should be more flexible and use there own judgement... Eg, an occupational tanker driver in civie street should not have to under go full FAM TRG on any L/R variant, 4T, etc... i would say a couple of hours instruction is advisable (with eymphasis on off-road trg and any special to role processes)

    but, that being said, the DI has to sign off each individual module in the FAM TRG package... and in the afore mentioned senario, the individuals driver training records would be scrutenised, so which DI in their right mind is going to sign someone off without making them complete the training.

    if anybody knows of a way around the FAM TRG issue please let me know. :lol:
  10. Am I right in saying that if you havent driven a certain vehicle type for 2/3 years then you must be re-fam'd on that vehicle?

    Dunno where I heard it but I think it was bandied round the MT office (inbetween rounds of Golf and minesweeper)
  11. deleted
  12. yes, there is legislation (not sure if its in yet). for certain types of vehicle that are driven, there must be documentary evidence that a certain number hours(for arguements sake call it 200hrs) have been fulfilled over a certain period of time (1/2yrs). if there is no evidence then that category may be removed from that individuals license.

    i believe this does or is going to apply to civilian license holders, therefore will undoubtedly effect military MT dept's.

    im sure there are people who know alot more on the subject than i do. but thats how i understand it. :?
  13. I'm pretty sure that condition has ben in place for a number of years.
  14. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the RLC are determined to prevent the entire Army from deploying out the gate when it needs to. If you have a problem with your nit MT saying your blokes can't drive, then guess who's problem it is to get them on the road? The DI can transfer their arrses from the office to the cab and do some effin driver training. When the LAD can't deploy on the next CO's field trip owing to a shortage of drivers I know exactly where I'll be pointing the finger. And it doesn't wear a REME capbadge.

    In the meantime, if you can't drive it, don't drive it. It really is not your problem, so don't get upset.

    Oh and by the way, getting White fleet is not all it's cracked up to be coz you have to have them on your FMT 600 too. Just wait for JAMES to hit your Unit and then you can start torturing the RLC back for everything!!!!
  15. There was an issue over the L/R 110 GS, as it has (effectively) 10 seats. It was interpreted by the MOD that you would therefore need a Cat D or Cat D1 licence to drive it :? As far as I know, this is yet to be resolved. Any vehicle over 3.5 Tonnes now requires a Cat C licence (or Cat C1 for vehicles under 7.5 Tonnes but greater that 3.5 Tonnes Maximum Authorised Mass i.e. the old "Gross Vehicle Weight").

    So far, I have not come across an issue of somebody who holds the correct Licence category and appropriate FAM training being told they cannot drive a particular vehicle..... just some stupid notion about needing Cat D to drive a minibus :D