FMT 600

Charge you with what. losing a piece of pink card that has the legality of a 14 tonner dust cap or the mess .45 Webley. Tell em to bugger off.
Depends really on what circumstances it was lost in and whether it was used by someone else, I imagine that a stern b*llocking will be in order, but I would have thought that will be the end of it.


If it's in the same weighted sack as the dismembered corpse of your ex-missus, then yes.
batmanwasjesus said:
Can anyone confirm if losing an FMT 600 is a chargeable offence? Thanks.
sure......they can charge you with anything under sect 69........can't they?......if you lose anything left in your care then you are guilty of neglect (perhaps I'm a little old fashioned)
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